Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When In Doubt or Dispair.....Protective Style!

Good Morning, 
Sometimes protective styles are just that... Protecting me from doing something like:  Cutting, Locing, Spending lots of Money but never Perming.  

Sorry for the Blurred pics but I am using a Pantech Go phone until my Upgrade date of 4/4/12 when I will purchase my first Iphone.

I did this style starting at 11:30pm last night just so that I would not have to do my hair for quite a few days.   It is a combination of braids and twists.   I like doing cornrows around the hairline because it secures the hair and makes it less prone to breakage.  Yes I do tend to get every piece of hair but I donot put alot of tension on the hairline but just make sure it is included in the cornrow.   This actually helps my hairline to flourish.  Wearing my hairline lose tends to make it more prone to breakage due to sweating and when tying my hair down.

Well for I was thinking of all these things yesterday as I had my hair in a pony puff.   I had worn my hair in a twist and curl but with this warmer weather and percipitation  that style did not last without a retwist which is just so much work at times.  So I did what I normally do.   Protective Style.
Twists look nice and plump
This style was done on dry stretched hair just using KBB Creamylicious and a tad bit of GNatural Hair and Scalp Conditioner. 

Although I donot feel that I am retaining the length  that I should I continue to protective style and have begun to utilize good deep conditioners and protein treatments with Shea Moisture Black Soap Hair Masque and Curl Junkie Repair Me.  I know that a bit of my medications may be hendering my progress but hey at least I am not BALD.  I just want healthy hair... don't care about the length.   I would like to continue to increase the density and also reduce shedding and breakage.

I may have to really concentrate on moisture and begin to really utilize my aloe based products to increase the moisture and keep the follicles smooth and closed.  The crown of my hair felt extra dry as I was styling so therefore I will definitely be concentrating on that area.  My diet and water intake has been bad as well so I will increase the diligence of diet, excerise and water intake. 

I will let you guys know of my progress.   I am trying to get better with my postings but with Blurred pics... this is definitely not as fun.   Come on April 4th!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy March! Where did Winter go?

Hi Everyone,

I am still kicking and breathing.  Still Natural.  Still most times protective styled.   I had been experimenting with the twist and curl with some lovely soft results.  Not really in to doing the hair on a daily basis with the twisting because of styling on dry hair, the definition and curl doesnt stay as long.  I may get 3-5 days out of it depending on the products I use.

 Yet again I have been experimenting with products.   I have been trying the Beautiful Textures line as well as using the Karen's Body Beautiful Creamylicious and Hair Nector Leave In . Of course I use this in conjunction with a shine agent of GNatural Hair & Scalp Conditioner.

I will give my reviews of the products that I have been using over the next couple of days.

My Daughter Bria
I am still at the point of cutting at least two inches of my hair off.  My hair is feeling healthy but I would like to get a few inches off the ends to expand on having a full healthy head of hair.

To the right , Here is a picture of my daughter.  She took her weave out of her hair this weekend and has a bit of heat damage in the area that she kept out of the weave.  It still curls but is truly about a 3c type of curl now.  Of course she loves it and we are working with it to find the styles that make it work.   Her hair has grown tremendously but due to her shrinkage it doesnt look as long.

Her hair is so coily on the ends and dense it is absolutely gorgeous.  If I had her hair I would be rocking so many styles.   I am hopping that she will leave her hair out for a while.  We will see.  I washed her hair with Shea moisture Moisture retentions shampoo and cowashed with Yes to Carrots then used the KBB Hair Nector in sections.

Here with her Weave done by Her Mommy!
Her hair has to be done in sections or her scalp and hair will not be totally clean or have enough product on it.  You see not a bit of scalp when her hair is out.  Detangling with alot of conditioner is a must and her hair reminds you of Broccoli Spears because the coils are so densely packed together.

Well enough for now but I will be blogging more often and again this week.   I promise!   See you by Friday!