Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year... The Protective Styling Continues!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes I feel blessed to see another Year....Welcome 2012..
I am still doing my protective style challenge and plan on continuing until the end of April or May.   The end of January I will be 3 Years fully Natural and boy have I learned alot about my hair.

Just a Few things I've Learned about My hair!

1.  My hair is definitely effected by the medications that I take.  The texture, growth and dryness.
2.  My hair will break like no ones business with highlights using Volume 20....That is too much.   No more will I ever try that.
3.  My edges loved to be braided and twisted and flourish when I protective style and get weathered when my hair is out.
4.  My hair needs a bit of glycerin in my ingredients to give the plumpness to my twists.
5.  My hair loves Aloe Vera Gel and Juice , Natural Essential Oils, Coconut Oil.
6.  My hair has become an accessory and I can change it up as much as I want and is adored.
7.  My hair loves water and cowashing but I have moved away from the Wash N Go.
I have more of course but this journey is definitely not over.
Pictured above is the style that I did after the New Year.  I have did not wash my hair to create this style and have been holding of on washing for at least 2 weeks at a time.   This style I did a semi twist hawk style and decided to do braid swoop bangs in the front, individual 2 strands on top and braid with twist length in the back.   I took the 2 strands and created a bit of a pomp on this day but this style can be roded to create a more whimsical style you can braided the hair up and tuck for a total updo protective style.

I am looking forwarded to growing my hair out this year and definitely listening to my hair and making sure that I am retaining length.   I donot think I did a good job at all this past year in keeping my hair healthy.   others may not have known but I surely could see the damage and rejection during my styling and grooming sessions.

I think I have really found a good hair sealer with the GNatural hair and scalp conditioner.   This stuff has my hair feeling soft and keeps the moisture in my twists.   I use it a bit like those who have experimented with the
"Grease" except this is all natural and feels more like a oil/pomade.  It is very light.  I am also using the design essentials but I think I am ready to try a Entwines Ala Mode for my Twists.   We will see if I make that purchase.   I have been trying to use the products that I have up before buying more.

Well that is all for now but you never know.   I may come back with another hairstyle this week.

 Be Blessed!