Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hair Growth Since March 30, 2012 Cut!

Hello everyone,

Just posting some photos of my hair growth since getting it cut on March 30, 2012.   I haven't been doing much except twistouts and wash n go's most of the summer and my hair seems to be thriving from it.  I have bought very few products except recently the Entwine Couture Auditioning Kit and Carol's Daughter healthy Hair butter.  I have not used the Entwine products as of this posting.

I have been using the Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter to Seal in Moisture and keep definition to my twist outs without having to re-apply product when twisting.   My hair routine of locking in the moisture during my wash sessions by using the LOC method has helped.   The Healthy hair butter really allows me to hold on to the moisture several days at a time.  I may apply the product on Saturday and may retwist nightly with maybe a slight mist of spritz or none at all and the definition with a slight hold has been great.   I am still in love with my Shea Moisture CES and Curling Souffle Combo as well but for now have been using the Healthy Hair butter regularly.  

It is almost time to see how with the weather changing (low humidity) how to maintain that same moisture that we love during the warmer more humid months.   I did crack out my steamer on my last wash day and enjoyed impeccable hair for over a week & 1/2.

I am enjoying my hair as it is dense, dark and healthy.   The other week I had made an appointment to get a semi permanent black but when traveling there I looked in my mirror and noticed that my hair was very dark and saved my $40.  Those couple of grays and that patch near my right hairline is not a problem for me at all.  It cooperates with the rest of my hair fairly nicely.

I am experimenting with a few updo's with pins, combs and banana clips.  I am still using my twistouts to enhance the texture and keep my hair from tangling and it seems to be working great.   I always get compliments from Non-Naturals as to the many styles that I create and different looks.

Hope everyone has a pleasant Week!

The Versatile Blog Award

I am so honored to be given this award by Coilybella and I want to thank you so much.

Seven random facts about me:

I am a Mother to one Daughter!

I live in Maryland.

I love Bowling!

I am 5'9

I love talking to Everyone!

I am still blessed to have my Mom & Dad in my life.

I am very close to all of my family.

I hate trying to pass these things along but thank you again.