Friday, November 18, 2011

Wash Day...11/16/11 - Protective Style Challenge

Look at this Fat Face!   Treadmill Here I Come!
Well I know the style looks very similar to my previous one but this style was very easy to maintain as well as I can pin it up as well.

I finally had a day off from Bowling so I decided Wednesday Night to make a quick wash night.

Prepoo'd with Yes to Cucumbers and Coconut Oil -45 mins
Shampooed with ORS Aloe Shampoo
Deep Conditioned with ORS Hair Maynaise -45mins
Applied Leave -In and Twisted hair in Big Twists for Overnight Drying.

In the Morning I took out several twists at a time to start Styling 630am-730am

I used my GNatural Hair and Scalp Conditioner and Design Essentials Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion as a styler for twisting.
Sealed in Moisture with Argan Oil

I decided since I was doing my hair in the morning that this style which is pretty much a free style would be suitable for 1hr of styling.  Lately I have really not been liking my hair out very much so it is very easy to be content with my twists and braids.  Protective styles and winter hair accessories and hats, it is!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gee My Hair Feels Great! Just a Mid Week Update!

Just wanted to post about the way I was "Feeling" my hair today!

This Morning I got up, removed my scarf, plopped a dollop of Oyin Hair Dew and some One 'n Only Argan Hair treatment on my hair and retwisted a few that wanted to untwist in the back of my head and Viola!

While retwisting a few of my twists I noticed the texture and just the softness yet smoothness in the strands.  I did not have a lot of definition  but as I twisted, I could feel the plumpness of the twist and how wonderful the ends of my hair felt.  No more straggley ends.....   Although I still have those areas of damage due to the over processing color  where the hair is more wavy than curly, the overall condition of my hair feels good.(this week-Wink).  I think the combination of the Gnatural and the DE Daily Moisturizing Lotion  is a new Staple for doing and maintaining my twists.

I am enjoying the medium size twists although to some, they may seem small... but they are much bigger than the normal small ones I usually  create.  I am not feeling scalpy  but feeling full of hair.   Someone even asked me was I locking last night.  I guess that is how plump there were or the natual (caesar) sista was just trying to make conversation to have me buy some raffle tickets from her.

My edges seem to really be prospering as well .  I find loose hair around the edges tend to break more for me.  Should be an interesting winter with my protective styles and products.  These twists feel almost plump enough for a nice  pin updo.

Have a great evening!

Monday, November 7, 2011

How Does It Look - 11/6/11 Protective Style Challenge - Flat & 2-Strand Twists

Good Morning,

Just wanted to update on my Protective Style Challenge.  As you can see I  did not post pictures of the twist out from the last posting because I only had it for a few hours.   On Friday I decided to go and get my ends trimmed in the middle of my work day.  I decided to actually get a twist style so that I could wear my hair in a twist out to the Bull & Oyster Roast.

Here is the picture of the style that was done.   It was very neat and I almost hated to do the twist out and mad that I did not take any pictures of the actual twist out that was worn out of this style.

The wash, trim and style was nice and that along with a purchase of some Design Essential Daily Moisturizing Lotion was only $79.  I didn't think it was too bad.

While at the salon, I really did not like how I could see the damaged areas from the coloring that I insisted on getting from my former Relaxed Stylist.  I have areas of my hair that are much straighter and that coupled with fine strands create a real crazy shaft to my twists.   ( See picture Below)
As you can see in the front part of my hair how the strand has a definite thinness in the middle of the twist.  That is the part that is straighter/wavy and can be difficult to keep twisted.   Eventually I will be cutting my hair past that point as my hair grows out this winter.   I am preparing my hair for a major cut before the summer time.  So probably around May or June 2012.  I figure that by that time I should be able to retain at least 3-4 inches of hair if properly cared for.  Sometimes I must remember that my Medications may hender my hair progress but we will see what happens.

I think that I will definitely be staying away from mini twists until I rectify this problem.  The Mini twists accentuates the damage and I am really not feeling that look.  Of course the style in these two pictures were done courtesy of me when retwisting on Sunday after my twist out.

Products Used:

Design Essential Daily Moisturizer and GNatural Hair and Scalp Conditioner.

The resulting twists were full of shine and pumping without an excessive amount of shrinkage due to the stretched style that preceded this one.  I bought the Design Essentials Natural Curl Stretching Creme when my Daughter did her big chop and like the hold that I got for twisting styles.  However I bought the Daily Moisturizing Lotion which is not as heavy and gives a lighter hold.  I really like the GNatural Hair and Scalp Conditioner and it gives my hair great shine, softness and moisturizing seal.

I am going to be bowling this week as an extension of last week Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs.   prior to going to the Bowling tournament in Delaware on Friday 11/10.  Therefore that gives little time for my hair, packing and preparing my home (cleaning/maintenance).  Gonna be a short week because I will be taking off Friday (Veteran's Day) which working for a government contractor is right in line with our Customers.

Have a great week and I may be trying a flexirod style for this coming weekend.  I will post again this week if something worth posting about actually happens.  GOD BLESS!

11/3/11 - Did I really Wear a Hat to Work?

Well Good Afternoon,
As you can see I could not take those marley twists one more day and opted to remove and have a quick wash day.  I started taking out the twists about 730pm and finished in time to watch American Horror Story at 10pm EST.  Of course that was too late on a work day to really incorporate a major wash and style so I decided to just pre-poo .  I used a combination of 100% coconut oil and Yes to Tomatoes( looked at the bottle after applying and noticed an expired product date).  I covered my hair with a plastic cap and then my scarf and went to bed about 11pm.

In the morning, before work, I detangled each section and retwisted then shampooed my hair.   I used my  Giovanni 50:50 hydrating shampoo and then followed with the ORS Aloe shampoo.  I then tried my Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner and then my Giovanni Direct Leave In.  

My initial Impression:

Giovanni 50:50 Hydrating clairfiying Shampoo - I loved the smell and how clean my hair felt.  That is all.. for a shampoo.
Giovanni Smooth as Silk - It was just Okay... didnt really feel one way or the other about it.  Did not offer all the slip that I expected like my Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion so I wind up applying some Aussie 3 minute miracle to my hair for the slip and to detangle with all loose hair.
Giovanni Direct Leave-In - I was not impressed with this leave in from a first impression standpoint.  For all the stories that I had heard about it.  I will use and see what continued use yields.

When I finished washing and conditioning my hair I applied the leave in with a bit of grapeseed oil and detangled once again with the tangle tamer to make sure that I covered every strand.  I then proceeded to two strand twist in medium twists to later have a twist out once dried.  I applied a dime amount of Whipped Gelly by Hairveda and a dime amount of my GNatural Hair Conditioner to each section before I twisted.

Of course my hair never dried before leaving the house so I was forced to put on the crocheted tam to wear to work.  Luckily I was wearing jeans and a button up (casually) and the hat worked out okay.  My hair then dried while at work with some of the shiniest twists.  The hold was very mild because of the products used when twisting but my hair was very shiny and very moisturized.  I loved the way my hair felt.

I will update this post with Pictures of the twist out because I will not be wearing my hat to bowl but will twist my hair out to see the results.  I am still going to get my trim this week and have been thinking about possible styles

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/1/11-How does it Look? - Still holding on to this Protective Style

Good Morning and Happy November!

Wow, doesn't time just fly by.  Almost Christmas Time already!  The season has definitely changed and time for an even stricter regimen for moisturizing and retaining moisture and length.  Healthy hair business.   I have now had these twists in for 3 full weeks and I have a tournament coming up next weekend 11/11/11 and I plan on having my hair trimmed and restyled by then.   I think these twists will be undone on Saturday morning because I have a Bull & Oyster Roast to attend on Sat 11/6.

I have gotten so many compliments on this style and almost to a point where I am possibly thinking of redoing this technique.   I am terribly missing touching and manipulating my hair but I have been able to rock this style very well.   It has been appropriate for so many casual and dressed occasions.

I did still make a purchase of some Giovanni shampoos/Conditioner and Direct Leave In (1liter) from  They had great sizes and was very economical in price.

I think I am definitely going to try my new goodies out when doing my hair this weekend.  I wanted to go with something with more protein to give my hair the needed boost for strength but don't want to over do it.  My fine hair strands could use all the strength it can get.   I also bought some Cassia and Zizyphus to try as a strengthening treatment.

With the cooler weather I have been able to pull out my suede shoes that I bought this summer and I really like them.  They are from the Nine West Vintage Collection which I love and just go so well with my legs!  Can be worn to dress up or down and are just very NEAT.

I wish I had done a length check on my hair so that I can compare on this protective style challenge.  I also wish I had started with a great trim.   So I will definitely be making an appointment for a professional trim and maybe steam deep conditioning treatment as well this weekend.  I may have to put off using my new products at home and just do a style that will get me through the next couple weeks.   I will definitely be updating my Blog so you can see what I have come up with.

Have a great week and I know this post is all over the place...LOL.