Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Texture Change... Yes/ No?

Well I decided to post twice today after thinking about my hair.  I remember posting that I thought my texture had changed from when I first went natural.  With the recent big chop of my daughters hair and the transitioning of a friend's hair,  I began to think whether a person should do a big chop or transition and what the benefits and disadvantages truly are.

Big Chop (Cutting your hair down less than 3 inches)
Disadvantage - If you like length then you don't have it any more!  A person may decide to wear weaves, extension braids, lace fronts and wigs until their hair gets more length.   A person may not take care and learn their natural hair and its true potential because they are hiding it away.  A person may become even more about growth than healthy hair in their Journey.

Advantages - A person may learn their hair in the different growth stages and how to care for and style their hair in all its stages.  A person does not have to worry about taking care of the two textures and finding products and styles that work for both.  A person can still wear a weave/lace front or wigs to have length.

Disadvantages - A person may not be able to really know their texture without having the weight of the perm hair weighing it down.   The texture may seem to change when it really hasn't.  The breakage and the taking care of the two textures and finding products and styles that work for both.

Advantages - Can retain length (if thats what your in to) and can change your mind and retain the length if you decide to stop your natural hair journey.  You can get a glimpse of your natural hair texture in a larger quantity than a shorter length.  Experimentation.

I would say that I was part transitioner and part big chopper due to the fact that I wore my hair in mini box braids for two months before cutting my perm completely off to less than 3 inches.  My hair started off very coily and dense and grew up and out but as it started to retain length, I noticed that my strands were not as thick or dense and that my hair waved out and the root and then coiled.   As my length got longer, the wave pattern continued and my hair grew out and down and now I cannot stand my hair up like I used to without product and major manipulation or a cut.  I was able to learn my hair in its various stages and style and care for it accordingly.

I know this post may be kind of all over the place but just a thought I had and decided to post.  I really wish my daughter would embrace the opportunity to learn her hair at the shorter length and continue to progress through her length retention.

Have a great evening... I will get over this~!

Need to Post for August... Update on Hair and Weight Loss Journey

Well I know I have been really bad about updating my blog although I view and comment on everyone else's almost daily.  I have had some kind of Month of August with my Hair and my Weight.

In the picture above I have pulled an Old Faux Puff right out of the closet and put my hair away.  I love the faux puff and most people think it is mine and really compliment me on this look.

I have been teetering back and forth about what to do about my hair.  I enjoy trying to grow it but I also would love a little more effortless look with a shorter cut.   The shorter cut would allow me to really let my coils pop and give an illusion of more fullness/density and allow the hair to stand up and out.  Of course I don't do length checks but sometimes I feel my hair is not growing to its full potential although I know that I am not spending very much time with caring for it.   In the summer months its just too darn easy to wash n go.  I try to use good products and believe me, don't get it twisted, I will use cones in the summer months to combat the frizz and lock in the moisture and not let the humidity take control of my hair in the DMV.

I have got to take more time on my mane to reach maximum potential.  I have decided not to cut my hair until Spring of 2012 Dependent upon my growth over the fall and winter months.   It is much easier to sport hats and beanies etc and keep your hair looking nice with Twists and braids.  It also is great protection for the ends. (In these two pics my hair is shrunken with moisturizing by spritzing with water and aloe vera gel and sealing with Only One Argan Treatment Oil (cones)).   The sides of my hair are some of the most coily/curly and shrink more than the back but hey, the hair in the back is looser curls/coils and grows the fastest.

My hair in this picture to the left is a twist out that were not from the previous twists but larger ones.  I have been finding that when twisting my hair, the twists want to gap a little bit, so I have been practicing a technique of twisting the hair in the twist to create more of a rope twist instead of the regular two strands.  This technique gives more definition to the twists and the twist out results although more time consuming.  I may have to try braiding the roots then rope twisting the strands to get less frizz but with finer strands, I fear that it will create a more scalpy twist style.  I don't want that.

This past week I ordered some product from Hairveda which I have not received yet but wanted to try due to the Sale ending August 31st.  With Irene coming to town that has made my order delayed although we are both in Maryland.   This past weekend the Baltimore Meetup was to take place but was canceled because of Irene.  I still showed up at the Oyin (Exit the Apple) and got more Whipped Pudding,BSP and 16 oz Hair Dew and now they have postponed until this weekend.  I will go to the meetup but I am done buying product (Unless there is a good discount offered).   From Hairveda, I oredered the Whipped Cream, Whipped Jelly, some samples of  Avosoya Light Oil, Almond glaze and acai berry phyto conditioner.  I was hopping to receive so I could order more things if I liked them.  I may still order some of the Super Friends (Duo) because at 30% off the product junkie in me needs a fix!

The above picture is of my Daughter Bria who went natural on July 27th.  She has a very dense curl pattern and has not quite embraced her Natural hair yet. (Hence, still rocking the lace front/weaves).  She wants her hair to be my length Today and that is not going to happen.  When I took her back to her college campus and saw all the naturals walking around, I could not believe that she still wanted to wear that "Hairy Hat".   She is in to make up Like I am in to Natural hair and I wish she could focus on her hair for a minute but she hasn't yet.  Hopefully when she comes home for Christmas Break I can change her mind.   Her natural hair brings out her features but she likes longer hair and is used to hair past her shoulders.  I can sympathize with her and her insecurity but wish she would embrace now and learn her hair.  Oh Well.

Sorry that you have to turn your head cause I could not get that picture to post upright.

In the Month of August I gained 3 pounds and was really lazy with my food intake even though not as lazy with my exercise.  I am on a mission again to get rid of the 3 plus 7 more pounds in the month of September and I promise to post more often.   Until then I will continue to Lurk other peoples blogs and try to focus more time on my hair and weight journey as I am home alone with my dog Cocoa until the Winter College Break!    God Bless and I will promise a blog at least once/twice a week for the month of September.  Bowling Season has started as well so I will be a busy person!  Ciao for now!