Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 2 year Nappyversary to Me!

Happy 2nd Nappyversary to Me!

I could not remember the exact date that I cut off the last 1/2 inch of perm left on my head but I was at a Salon in Columbia Maryland getting 2 strand twists in January 2009.  Therefore I chose to make my Official date 01/31/2009.  That day I set myself totally free.  At that time I believe I had about 2.5 inches of new growth and was not understanding what "type" of hair was growing from my head.  It was all new for those folks around me (peers) as they tried to figure out what the H#LL I was going to do.  Was I gonna Dread my hair?  What ya going to do with Yo Head!

Well I remember loading my hair with alot of oils and products.  That day before leaving the salon I had bought the Sample Pack of Miss Jessie's. (That is what Star had done my TST's with) in addition to the full size shampoo and conditioner ( I still like those but never bought again).  Oh I remember only paying $25 for the Sample Pack which typically runs at least double that price.  I was over-joyed as I went bowling that night and told another Natural about Miss Jessie's.  Well my love for Miss Jessie's began to wear thin because I refused to pay those enormous prices as well as I began to read and participate in forums, follow blogs and watch Youtube Videos.

Since August 2009 I have never had my hair straightened (flat ironed) because I suffered at the hands of my old beautician " Heat Damage" in a few spots of my hair.  I realized that I loved my curls and began to understand that "less is More" when it came to my texture.   I was very scissor happy during this time and wanted cuts so that if I wanted to wear it straight my hair would have a good cut.  I was not as worried about retaining length as I was finding a job (recession), and having a healthy head of hair and healthy body.

2010 was the year that I started really dedicating myself to my health and my hair.  I began even more diligently watching , reading and learning about hair care and "Listening to my Hair".  I also went from Aug-2009 until Nov- 2010 without a trim.  That was not a good idea, as I had to get about an inch and a half cut when I did get a trim.   I decided that I was going to pay closer attention to moisturizing my ends and keeping the Oldest part of my hair free from tangles/knots/dryness. 

I began to do more protective styles as well as began a 6 month challenge to protect my hair from October 2010-March 2010.  I believe my hair has responded well to that challenge and commitment.  I enjoy taking care of my hair and getting the compliments from my friends on how they wish they had " My Hair" whatever that means.  Hopefully that they had the discipline and determination to wear their hair Natural and chemical Free.  I realized that I can do so many more styles as a Natural than what I thought I would be able to, when I first went natural.   I always have Loc Envy but I love my hair Loose as well and sometimes I like the Hassle and Fuss of a Wash Day.

I have a love for seeing others with Natural hair and feel like their is a Bond between us.  Its a look of approval and understanding when meeting an eye of someone who is a Natural.  It is the guy with Dread Locs  who calls you Sis when he say Hello.  Its the Man in your life who runs his fingers through your hair and massages your scalp.  Its Letting Me be Exactly who I am suppose to be..... Me and not caring what others think.   I love being Natural and I love myself with all my Natural Faults.  

Happy Nappyversary to Me!  And the Journey Continues!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Compliments on my Twists!

I was at a bowling tournament this weekend and one of my friends complimented me on my twists and asked if I would do hers.  I said no problem.  I wouldn't mind getting individual plaits instead of of twists and possibly keeping them in for a month.  Wow, I used to be able to do that for at least 2 months but these days I find that I am anxious to wash my hair at the most every 2 weeks.

                                                               (Apologies for the blurry pic)

I am currently on week 2 of my minitwists and they are still looking nice.  I haven't rinsed them yet and I may try to do that soon.  Last night I just spritzed, used my mix and sealed with oil ... I put my hair up in the back and added some rollers to the front that I left out (hard curlers).  I think tonight I will possibly find my rods or use flexi rods to get a better curl.  The hard curlers gave me a softer curl pattern which is nice for pin curls or a softer up style.  The back was done by criss crossing and pinning.  I like the look... What do you think?

I apologize I didnt have my iTouch to take clearer photos and maybe should have cleaned my lense on my cell phone.

I keep daydreaming about cutting my hair in a twa, locking and doing a really nice culy fro but still sitting around in my mini twists.  I will give it a break at least until the end of May and see what my length retention protective styles yield me.  I would love to have a thicker, longer, curl/coil  popping wash and go in the warmer months.

I will keep with my winter hair regimen of washing at least every two weeks and protective styling.  I do not want to start any new products but would like to try a coil out in the near future.  Maybe my next wash day I will attempt a few coils to see if the come out fine.  Really not alot to report on the hair.  Attempting to stay focused on thickening my hair if possible at least in density and maintaining healthy hair.   It is almost time for a salon visit to get a professional trim.

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Small Twist to an Old Style and a New Homemade Hair Mix.

Well I thought I was going to do something different but went back to my ole trusty two strand twists.   I did adorn one side with flat twists.

Saturday I had a memorial to attend so I decided to awaken early and do my hair before going.  This style that I am wearing is the result of Sunday splitting the medium two strand twists in Two.  Now I have flowing stretched mini-twists which I put my concoction in and let the ends curl.  I am very pleased with the results.

Monday I actually went to the Vitamin Shoppe and bought some aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel and some grapeseed oil to put into my hair mix.  These are the ingredients used:

Raw Unrefined shea butter ( Some that an African friend brought me back from the Motherland)
Mango Butter
Grapeseed Oil
Vitamin E oil
14 drops of Rosemary
4 drops peppermint
Aloe Vera Gel
Vatika Oil ( Trying to use my Vatika Coconut oil with henna, amla etc to help thicken my hair)
Castor Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil w/ Soy Bean Oil
A small bit of fragrance oil ( Wet Kisses)

I mixed everything after stiring with a plastic knife and put in the Freezer for 10 mins.
Removed from the freezer and began to whip again with the plastic knife.

This Mix was Oh So light and fluffy and it melts into your hair so very nicely with a wonderful softness, shine and moisture.  I will have to let a few friends and family sample this mix and get their review.  I used a bit of this when splitting my twists into mini-twists.

I love a successful attempt.  The consistency is one that I really like.  Feels like its whipped when I only used a plastic knife from a fast food joint...LMBO.  I am going to try to keep these twists in for at least 2-3 weeks with a weekly cowash and only redo portions that may need a touching up.

Have a great day!  Oh Yeah, Did I tell you I love my Natural Hair!

Friday, January 14, 2011

What am I going to do to my hair this weekend?

Happy Friday,

I am sitting here in my office and wondering what to do with my hair this weekend.  I truly would like to get my hair done in some type of way but I am thinking about doing a rollerset at home.  My hair is easily straighten out with the help of a brush and some rods/rollers it may come out pretty good.   I just don't want to have the poodle look, or the "No hair-style" kind of look.

Today I am wearing a BS Puff..... LMAO. I am not feeling my hair pulled back these days due to the rash recovery of the skin on my face due to medication.  I need to get a facial and do a peel and exfoliation type of deal.  I will hopefully post on Monday a picture of whatever I decide to do.  Hopefully something really nice, protective and with style!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Documentary "Good Hair"

This is just a review of the Documentary "Good Hair" by Chris Rock.

I finally watched this video that I had received from a friend.  I thought the documentary was almost a bit demeaning some of the language and jokes regarding women and their hair rituals seemed Paramount to Good Taste.  I do think the movie proved to me that "Going Natural" is what is best for me and for many others.

The Barbershop scene was a bit much for me as a man described "Getting it from the back" of a woman and pulling her weave out as children sat with their mother waiting to get her sons hair cut.  Also the fact that the men in the barbershop was not respectful of this Black Woman or her kids.

One thing about being Black that I have learned is that we definitely like to " Look Good".  In some cases to a fault.  Living in Projects ( or not so good accommodations) yet wearing Designer Clothes and Expensive Weaves/Lace Fronts. I  personally have always liked a man to run his fingers through my hair and never wore styles that were not "Touch Friendly", therefore, going natural has not changed "My Man's" ability to run his fingers.  With going natural, I am more Rain/Swim Friendly (smile).

Back to the Review.   Watching those stylist put all that perm in the hair and the "Children's hair" did almost make me sick on the stomach.  I know that Straight hair at any cost was almost a necessity many years ago and even today as we see the Video Vixens, Celebrities and The Round the Way Girl sporting hair extensions and weaves with these cascading straight tresses.

It was very enlightening learning about the "Indian" Human Hair and I would assume all the other Ethnic "Brazilian", etc would retrieve their product the same way.  Maybe I am just Naive but Where else did I think they got that hair.  Not all Dead People...LMAO.

I thought I would fall in the floor as he tried to sell the African Hair but was not amused about the responses.  The Black girl who worked in Asian Beauty Supply was just as degrading as the owner.

Well the conclusion that I came to after watching this movie is that "Black Women" and Black people have not passed down the pride on all levels.  We are one of the most heavily Influenced instead of Influential as I once thought.  I don't know if Going Natural is a Trend but if it is.... Whenever it go " Out of Style" I guess I will lose my Cool Points.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Flat Twisted Sides and TST's on the Top and Back!

TGIF Everyone,

I got up this morning and really could not think of how I wanted to wear my hair this weekend.   I took my Bonnet off and saw that my twist out needed a bit of help.   After some failed attempts at several updo's with the twist out, I decided to just do a quick twist hair style.  I got out of bed at 6:15am and finished my hair by 7:30.  Flat twists on side and tst's on top and back.

It really didnt take very long and I have a bowling tournament in Philadelphia tomorrow afternoon.   It snowed this morning only about 1-2 inches and I wanted something that was easy to throw a hat on and off. 

The products that I used for twisting was H2O to dampen and make sure fully detangled from twist out,   Oyin Handmade's Whipped Pudding with a bit of Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade.   When finished I put some Aloe Vera Gel down each twist and sealed with EVOO/ Soybean Oil.  I put my Loc Soc on to set the twists and finish getting ready for work.

I will probably be sweating tomorrow at the tournament and wanted a nice and easy hair style for travel and staying with friends.  I will probably keep these in for at least a week or more due to the face that I had washed my hair this week as well as I can always do a twist out and make this style into a twist out/ hawk, since I put the tst's in the top and down the back.

We will see about that.  Not sure how that style will look on me.

BTW, my daughter has decided she wants to go natural.  Her hair is about 12-14 inches with an inch of new growth.  She says that she is going to try to go natural but if it takes to long to grow out  and she likes the length, she will just do a big trim and perm.   She is currently wearing Sew ins and really prefer those over braids.  She said she wouldnt mind doing a set of kinky twists.  I am going to look at some Youtube Videos to see if I can master kinky twists.  If  I do, I will save us a ton of money.

I would like to become more of a natural hair guru and stylist and supplement my income.  I have a long way to go for that, but I may get a mannequin head and start trying a few styles and techniques.

Have a Safe and Exceptional Weekend!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review of 2 n 1 Ionic Hair /Facial Steamer (Same product as Huetiful Steamer)

Just a quick review of the 2 n 1 Ionic Hair/Facial Steamer.  Well I only experimented with the Hair Steamer this time around because my facial skin is irritated from Medications.

Packaging - The box has a handle and is great for Storing your Steamer
Assembly -  Absolutely Fantastically Easy.  It has about 3 parts to assemble which does not take a rocket scientist even without utilizing the instructions.  By the way, the instructions for the facial attachment is Included.
Comfort- I was able to sit at my dining room table and put the steamer on a shoe box for added height for my 5'9 1/2' frame.
Use:   I sat under the dryer and had to keep wiping my forehead due to droplets of moisture running down.  The steamer , steamed within 2-3 minutes which seemed like it slightly reduced my time under the steamer.  I did eventually for the later 7 mins use an elastic to put my hair in a puff to make sure my ends were being moisturized.  The steamer notified when it was complete (Water level had receded below heating component) and I quickly did a cool rinse.  Very easy to add water and remove the condensation in start and finish.

Review of Steamer and Hair

My hair which is never hard was very Soft and very accommodating to my Leave-In Conditioner and Sealing Oils.  My hair is never hard to detangle and was not this time.  I noticed when I was twisting for my style (Twist Out) that  my hair had a great luster and as I needed to retwist my twists were already starting to set/define.  Within 15 mins.  I used a little Oyin Whipped Pudding (Combo of Butters, Aloe & other goodies) and bit of Burnt Sugar Pomade on each twisted section while twisting and smoothing.  Sealed entire twist with a bit of my Concoction.

In the morning, I put a little coconut oil on my hands and ran it through my twists and put a bit of castor oil on my hairline and ends of twists and unraveled the twists for a twist out.  I was able to separate each unraveled twist further with almost no frizz.  I usually only wear a twistout right before my Wash day when my twists have been in for almost 2 weeks but these twists had set overnight.  I was very pleased.

All in all I am very happy with the Function of my Steamer and the Ease of Assembly and Use.  I am exceptionally pleased with how it allowed my hair to absorb the butters and oils easily and saw the results almost instantaneously.  I have to continue this in my regimen using it for my deep conditioning at least twice a month.  I want to see the long term effects of a consistent regimen and  consistent same product use benefits my hair. 

I will report back by the Beginning of April 2011 on my 3 month length and condition check.   I will be getting a professional trim by the end of this month which is also my 2 year Nappiversary.  It has been a pretty easy  and exhilarating journey for me but establishing Staple Products and Consistent Regimen has been the challenge.

I dont know why these pics are not rotated as they are saved on my file.  I didn't take pics of the entire process.  I will for the next one or maybe a Video.  Have a great Hump Day!

Happy New Year Everyone! Here is my Wash Day Regimen

Happy New Year Everyone,

Last night I had to make it an impromptu Wash Day.  For some reason my hair had the itchies.  Now I am not sure if it was something I used on my hair or whether the skin irritation from my medications extended upwards in to my Scalp.  All I know is my hair and scalp feels much better today. 

I wanted to give some details as to what a Wash Day consists of for me these days ( This has been working exceptionally well for me the last few months):


1.  Spritz with Water then Pre-poo for at least 1 hr or longer.  (Using Suave Humectant /Coconut Oil/Castor Oil)
    ** At this time is when I remove shed hairs with finger combing and detangle with a wide tooth comb followed by my Denman or Vent Brush (Very Gently).  Then Twist into about 8 Twists.

2.  I rinse my hair and shampoo with a Chagrin Ayurveda Shampoo Bar or Oyin Handmade Honey Wash paying most attention to the Scalp while massaging and pull and squeeze down each twist.  Then Rinse.

3.  I then use my Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner and undo each twist and make sure that I am coating every strand, finger comb and retwist.

4.  Rinse the twists and make sure scalp is clear of all products.

5.  Deep Condition ( Use Honey Hemp Conditioner w/ Coconut Oil /Olive Oil added) or ORS Olive Replenishing Conditioner and sit under the Steamer or Heat Cap( My heat cap is not very hot at all).  Rinse with Cool Water to close hair follicle/shaft.  Use Micro Fiber Towel to remove excess Water. ($1 Store micro fiber head wrap)

6.  Add Leave- In Conditioner (Honey Hemp) and seal with Coconut oil .  Use Wide tooth Comb to make sure fully detangled and put Loose Big Twists.  ( This allows for hair to dry faster for dry styles) or Style.
  If Styling using twists... Use either or a combination of Burnt Sugar Pomade/Shea Moisture Deep Treatment/ Shea/EVCO/Aloe Gel Concoction)  Seal with Castor Oil (I have added Rosemary Oil/Peppermint to my Castor Oil).

7. Cover with Loc Soc to hold twists/style to set hair until ready to Leave the house.  In the winter I will use the loc soc under my hats as added protection and warmth.