Friday, February 25, 2011

Loving the Definition with Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Well after wearing my twists for 3 days I unleashed my twist out for the bowling tournament in Cleveland.  The picture above is from an overnight set of twists done on Tuesday.

My natural hair was in full effect in the blistery cold of Cleveland Ohio.  It didnt help that I was sweating in that bowling center only to go out in the frigid weather.  I spent all day Monday and most of Tuesday in the Bed Sick.  But the hair was fly.

Doing the twists on wet hair with the SMCES really promoted the shrinkage but that is what gave my hair the volume that it needed over the weekend.   In the picture above, this is the more tamed look.  I picked at the roots more over the weekend.

I am really loving having the Black hair back and in addition to the Sheen that I get with the Smoothie and my trusty coconut oil.  Overall a good bowling weekend but totally exhausting.  I stayed at a Hilton in Beachwood OH and that place had a bar/club that rocked both on Friday and Sat.   Of course that meant no parking for guests in the evenings.   This hotel had the thinnest walls I have ever witnessed.  I had a HORRIBLE STAY, NO REST and I believe that contributed to my poor health by the end of the trip.  The Hotel was very unsecure, meaning that with all that club traffic, anyone could go down the hall and up the elevators to where the rooms are.  With a club and party atmosphere like that, the hotel should make sure that only hotel guests have access to Elevators.   Also, housekeeping stole one of my friends Nike's.  WTH.

Looking forward to another tournament this weekend, a funeral and getting more rest on Sunday.

Have a Great Weekend.   I guess Sunday will be my next Hair Day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dye & 2 Strand Twists at 4:30AM.....I Need a Nap and its Only 10am.

Yes the Title says it all.  I went to bed at 9:30pm last night and awakened at 3AM.  I don't know if it was subconscious that I knew I wanted to Dye my hair Silken Black (Clairol Texture & Tones) or that I really was not that tired to sleep through the entire night.

Well at 3AM I started watching what I had recorded on my DVR.  The Game and In The Bedroom (OWN network).  Both shows were really really good and every one must catch In the Bedroom... Very good relationship show for married and single folk.  I was done with these shows by 430 and decided to start my Dye and twists.   My plan was to get a trim, dye my hair (tired of that color) and put my hair in twists on wet hair so as to prepare it for a Banging Twist Out for my Tournament in Cleveland.  Mission was accomplished.

I was done Dying and deep conditioning my hair by 6 am and began my 2 strand twists about 6:15am to completion a little before 7:30am.   I used the Oyin Honey Wash, Suave Almond & Shea, and Aussie Moist 3 Minute Marvel to wash and condition my hair.   I used the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie for my 2 strands and finished with a Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut Oil Sealer. 

My initial review of the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is that when I was done with the twists,  My hair had definite shrinkage and serious Curl and Hold.    Maybe the Smoothie has a bit of Protein in it but I counteracted the extra hold with my coconut oil and my Oyin Spritz of Juices and Berries.  I am pretty sure that my Twist out will have major definition this weekend.

The SMCE Smoothie felt great going on the hair because it is very thick.  On the jar it says for Thick Curly hair but hey, it worked on my not so Thick Fine Curly Hair.  The smell was that of Vanilla Cake Batter but it did not linger so that was pretty good.  The Consistency was very Thick but when on very smooth.  A little goes a long way with this product and I am glad that I got a chance to try this product out.  Before attempting to twist.  I used about 2 Quarter size amounts and distributed it through my wet hair.  My curls began to pop all over but I was not going for the WNG today but made a mental note of the reaction my hair had to the product.  I just cant wait until the weather is warmer.

So all in all, I am now in need of a Nap at 10 am but my hair is all set for this coming weekend.  Got my Trim ( not sure how much taken off , but sure not too much...LOL), Got my Black Silken Dye ( Hair looking Richer) and Got My TST.... Next up is a Good Nap at Lunch time.   Be Blessed and Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well its Professional Trim Time

Good Afternoon,

Well this morning I decided to cowash my hair with Suave Shea Almond Conditioner and use some 3 minute Miracle Aussie Moist.  All I can say is WOW!.  My hair feels absolutely terrific.  I used a bit of the Suave (about a quarter size amount) and used as a leave-in.  Plopped my hair with my micro fiber towel and Shook my head back and forth and side to side.   It was incredible how soft and light my hair felt.  My hair was so light that the hair seemed to dry with the swiftness.
Look at this picture of the front of my hair.  The shine and the silky look and feel was wonderful. 

I am absolutely sick of this color in my hair and have decided to die my hair black tonight.  My game plan is to first go to the salon and get a professional Trim then head on  home to do my color, deep conditioning and twisting with SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie ( picked up last night).  I started to borrow some of my Mom's CES but didn't feel like going by her house to pick it up.  I don't even think she is using it very much.
I will do a review on the SM CES next week.   I am going to prepare my hair in 2 strand twists with the intention to do a Banging Twist Out for my Bowling tournament in Cleveland Ohio this weekend.  I was going to go and get a Coil Out at the salon and decided to just get a trim and that is it.  I hate piece mealing my Salon's services but I like the trims Temy (stylist...Essential Spa & Beauty) gives me and do not want to spend unnecessary money on hairstyles that I do just as well as the professionals.

I will post pictures tomorrow of my twists and Black hair color.

Back to the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle.  When I first put this in my hair I noticed the consistency was very Thick.  I absolutely loved it.  I could feel my hair feeling smooth yet curly and with a lightness to it.  When I rinsed the hair and began to shake my head, I could feel the light coily hair just moving side to side up and down.  Not even the water seemed to weigh my hair down.

Suave Shea Almond (Old Formula) and Suave Humectant (Old formula) are still some great Inexpensive but Effective conditioners for cowashing.  I like the combo with the Aussie Moist but I guess in all fairness I will have to try the Aussie Moist Conditioner (comes with a Pump top) . To seal the moisture, I used a small amount of Vatika/Coconut Oil .  My hair has felt light and moist all day without an enormous amount of Frizziness.

I love my Oyin honey hemp conditioner but in a pinch, I know I can get Suave and Aussie Moist at almost any local Walgreens, CVS, Target or Walmart.  Its always nice to have a back up list of effective products.  Also it is fun (when successful) to experiment with "On the Ground" products to see if its the products or the regimen (consistency) that is making the most impact on retaining healthy hair.

By the way, Birthday was Last Friday and didnt do very much but I will be having a good time in Cleveland this Weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flat Twists.... My Easy Go to Style!

Good Morning Yal,

I have been really lazy with updating my blog but I am trying to make sure that I post at least once or twice a week.  I love checking other peoples blogs/vlogs everyday and just can't find that much that I really would want to say on a blog everyday.

Everyday, I am in love with my hair.  Whether its a good hair day or a bad hair day, I know its all on me.  Today and most of last week I was wearing flat twists or twist out of the flat twists.  Until my face totally clears from this allergic reaction to medicine.  I really hate having hair touch my face but then I hate exposing my face totally as well.   The style pictured took all of 20 minutes and seems to be my Quick and Easy go to style the past few weeks.  I think my hair is experiencing a growth phase and I want to be sure to take care of it and nurture and retain the growth.

This Friday, February 11th is my birthday and I am thinking about going to the Salon tomorrow or maybe next week ( I have a bowling tournament in Cleveland, OH).  I love going places and seeing people that I haven't seen in a while and letting them see that I am Natural and my hair is thriving and easily managed.

I have been trying theTaliah Waajid lock it up gel and my Shea/Mango/Aloe concoction and my hair is staying very moisturized.   I dont think I will be repurchasing it but I know I can use it up before the end of the year or give it to my daughter to slick her edges.  The gel doesnt flake and doesnt leave the hair dry at all.  Good Product but I think My concoctions work just fine without the gel.   I like the Oyins Burnt sugar Pomade and my concoction together or the whip pudding and burnt sugar to get my definition from twisting.

I am still enjoing the Greg's juice by Oyin to refresh and cannot wait until the weather breaks to see how my hair responds this spring and summer.  My winter regimen has been helping me retain and keep my hair healthy so I will continue and develop a good spring/summer routine.

I will try to Blog on Friday for my Birthday to say how Blessed I feel for Reaching 44 yrs.  Praise the Lord!

Have a great week.