Friday, February 25, 2011

Loving the Definition with Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Well after wearing my twists for 3 days I unleashed my twist out for the bowling tournament in Cleveland.  The picture above is from an overnight set of twists done on Tuesday.

My natural hair was in full effect in the blistery cold of Cleveland Ohio.  It didnt help that I was sweating in that bowling center only to go out in the frigid weather.  I spent all day Monday and most of Tuesday in the Bed Sick.  But the hair was fly.

Doing the twists on wet hair with the SMCES really promoted the shrinkage but that is what gave my hair the volume that it needed over the weekend.   In the picture above, this is the more tamed look.  I picked at the roots more over the weekend.

I am really loving having the Black hair back and in addition to the Sheen that I get with the Smoothie and my trusty coconut oil.  Overall a good bowling weekend but totally exhausting.  I stayed at a Hilton in Beachwood OH and that place had a bar/club that rocked both on Friday and Sat.   Of course that meant no parking for guests in the evenings.   This hotel had the thinnest walls I have ever witnessed.  I had a HORRIBLE STAY, NO REST and I believe that contributed to my poor health by the end of the trip.  The Hotel was very unsecure, meaning that with all that club traffic, anyone could go down the hall and up the elevators to where the rooms are.  With a club and party atmosphere like that, the hotel should make sure that only hotel guests have access to Elevators.   Also, housekeeping stole one of my friends Nike's.  WTH.

Looking forward to another tournament this weekend, a funeral and getting more rest on Sunday.

Have a Great Weekend.   I guess Sunday will be my next Hair Day!


  1. I know that hotel in Beachwood. I stayed there once . . . and I mean, once and experienced the same restlessness and foolishness. I used to live in OH. You'd think any hotel in Beachwood would be nicer. Oh well! Sorry to hear that you came down with something. I would have loved to see your hair from a few different angles. Do you have any photos of the "untamed" version of the style. Curious minds want to know! I hope that at least the tournament was good.

  2. No pics from the untamed but I will be sporting that look again real soon and will get someone to assist with the photo shoot. LMBO. I've been thinking about getting a coil out real soon at the salon but I think I am going to get a new pair of glasses first...LOL. I can do my own hair for now but my eyes are giving me the business lately with these contacts.

    That Hotel is horrible in Beachwood and next year I will be back at my Hilton Garden Inn in Maple Heights....very nice accommodations there.