Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March Madness!

Well I came in 4th place in the tournament last weekend and last night I paid for my next tournament in North Brunswick NJ for March 12th & 13th.  Looking forward to that tournament because it is both a Social and Recreational engagement.

I have been wearing my hair in twists and twist outs the last 2 weeks and I am going to be having a wash day today to prepare my hair for the remainder of the week.  My skin issues are clearing so I am feeling a little more adventurous with my Natural hair styles.

I am looking forward to when the weather breaks and Spring finally arrives in full effect.  It will be nice not to hide my tresses under hats and scarves and feel the warm and breeze flow through my natural hair.  I did receive a trim a few weeks ago and I think I did get about an inch cut off.  At least it feels a little shorter but it may just be me and my paranoia.

Lately I have been very disappointed with some friends and their immaturity as it relates to FACEBOOK.  I donot know why  "Grown Folks" would have to update status with Bullcrap all day long.  I am going to have to start really separating myself from those who I really have very few things in common with.  I look back at my few illnesses the past 2 years and see that some of these people are really not true friends or have a very different interpretation of that Label "Friend".  Where were they when I was sick, where were they when I was jobless, and what have they done to enrich my life at all.  Just some thoughts of the day for me.

I have to get back into reading my scriptures in my Bible and get my head back in to my 1st Love who is the Almighty and give him the Praise that he deserves.  He has been there and have carried me and my family. 

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. People often have a limited capacity to deal with the discomfort of others. We often feel abandoned or alone. I'm really sorry that you have cause to feel this way. And Facebook and other social media sites have redefined what it means to be a friend. Back in the day, a friend meant something totally different. I can't do Facebook either . . . I had to limit my interactions there. Phew! Too much.

    But diving into your Bible -- like you said -- and remembering that He will keep you when all other foresake you will help you navigate these sometimes choppy "friendship" waters.

    I feel you. Be blessed.

  2. Good luck with your NJ tournament!