Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Came in 2nd Place at the Eastern Regional Bill Rhodman Singles Tournament

Well yes I came in 2nd place of my bowling tournament this weekend.   I was the top seed and lost to the 3rd place qualifier due to my own errors.  My mindset was not on point and I should have taken a moment to gather myself before bowling.

All in All a very financially lucrative weekend and I learned that my Mental Focus need to be there.  Also I had no alcoholic beverages and got my rest at the wonderful Hilton in North Brunswick, NJ.  Nothing like the Hilton in Beachwood, OH.

I did where a beautiful Wash N Go and I am still sporting the same hair but it has gotten a little less coily and looking more curly.  I love the Hair Dew from Oyin and Greg's juice to spritz moisturized and refresh.  Sealed with a little EVOO or Grapeseed I am off to the races.  Its getting a little warmer outside and I am ready to let my hair fly!

I am going to try to still use protective styling but when working out, WNG's are the best for me.  I have been able to get my hair to stand up more using a bit of gel when doing the praying method on my WNG.  The texture is banging and the style is carefree.   Satin bonnet or satin braid bonnet keeps it frizz and tangle free.


  1. Your eyes are even sparkling in the second photo! Nice shots. Congratulations on your bowling placement!!

  2. Congrats for winning! My Aunt & Cousins are into bowling like that. They are going some where this weekend to bowl. Do you Know George & Jody? They are husband & wife. I am asking because you are local & they bowl locally as well. Have a great day. Peace & Love.

  3. Hmm Hi KeeKee,

    Not sure, I bowl at Capital Plaza and know alot of the DC Bowlers. They probably went to Williamsburg, VA with the group that went down there this weekend. We do travel quite a bit in the Bowling Community. I probably do know some of your family.