Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hair Growth Since March 30, 2012 Cut!

Hello everyone,

Just posting some photos of my hair growth since getting it cut on March 30, 2012.   I haven't been doing much except twistouts and wash n go's most of the summer and my hair seems to be thriving from it.  I have bought very few products except recently the Entwine Couture Auditioning Kit and Carol's Daughter healthy Hair butter.  I have not used the Entwine products as of this posting.

I have been using the Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter to Seal in Moisture and keep definition to my twist outs without having to re-apply product when twisting.   My hair routine of locking in the moisture during my wash sessions by using the LOC method has helped.   The Healthy hair butter really allows me to hold on to the moisture several days at a time.  I may apply the product on Saturday and may retwist nightly with maybe a slight mist of spritz or none at all and the definition with a slight hold has been great.   I am still in love with my Shea Moisture CES and Curling Souffle Combo as well but for now have been using the Healthy Hair butter regularly.  

It is almost time to see how with the weather changing (low humidity) how to maintain that same moisture that we love during the warmer more humid months.   I did crack out my steamer on my last wash day and enjoyed impeccable hair for over a week & 1/2.

I am enjoying my hair as it is dense, dark and healthy.   The other week I had made an appointment to get a semi permanent black but when traveling there I looked in my mirror and noticed that my hair was very dark and saved my $40.  Those couple of grays and that patch near my right hairline is not a problem for me at all.  It cooperates with the rest of my hair fairly nicely.

I am experimenting with a few updo's with pins, combs and banana clips.  I am still using my twistouts to enhance the texture and keep my hair from tangling and it seems to be working great.   I always get compliments from Non-Naturals as to the many styles that I create and different looks.

Hope everyone has a pleasant Week!

The Versatile Blog Award

I am so honored to be given this award by Coilybella and I want to thank you so much.

Seven random facts about me:

I am a Mother to one Daughter!

I live in Maryland.

I love Bowling!

I am 5'9

I love talking to Everyone!

I am still blessed to have my Mom & Dad in my life.

I am very close to all of my family.

I hate trying to pass these things along but thank you again.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 Weeks and Haven't Washed My Hair

two strand twists

I know the title grabbed a bit of your attention and yes, I have not washed my hair in over 2 weeks.
My hair is still responding as well as my scalp is Itch Free.   That may be because I have not overwhelmed my hair with a bunch of product.

I started off with a normal twist out and one day at the McDonald's Drive through began to twist my hair.  I must say that my twists on dry without any extra product were very plush and soft.   Of course that meant that they only lasted for me about a week before I decided to do a twist out.  I did moisturize my twists within the first week with a bit of Oyin hair Dew and some Aloe Vera gel and some Jojoba oil on the ends.   I am really falling in love again with the Jojoba and Vitamin E oils.

My hair begun to get a little (lot) fuzzy in the twist and so I decided to twist out and did not do any retwisting.   My hair has transformed in to an afro. with curls.

I have been so lazy this week and as long as the hair was moisturized I just have not cared to primp the style.   I haven't even worn my bonnet in the last 3 nights.

Of course this laziness will not continue and I will be doing my hair tonight!  I have to bowl Wednesday and Thursday and know it is going to be a long night so I will not have time to do it either of those days.

I tell you,  I am glad I work for a Black Owned Company.  People do not look at you strangely if every hair is not in its place.  Every Woman in this office except for one person is a Woman of color and Natural.   What are the odds of that happening.  Even my CEO who is a BLACK WOMAN has a very short TWA and is Beautiful.

I enjoy the freedom that comes in an environment like that.  You are allowed to be You.

Well I will put pics up of my hair after wash day.  Also, BTW, I am putting crochet braids in my daughters hair this week and will include a pic of her hair as well.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Twists that make My Twist outs!

These are the twists that I do nightly to prepare my hair for bed.  I then adorn a satin bonnet and nighty night I go.  It takes me about 30 mins to put these in.  I usually donot use any product just start grabbing smoothing and twisting while I watch TV.  (2012 Olympics).

2nd day hair before fluffing & puffing
My hair is responding very well to the twist outs and the products that I am currently using.  

I stopped by my local Rite Aid and was FLOORED

I could not believe they had an entire isle for Ethnic hair which included products from Kinky Curly to  Jane Carters to Nothing But to Curls Unleashed to Lustrasilk.   They had products I had never heard of or tried.   Of course the product junkie in me wanted to purchase... but I resisted and bought My Laxatives and Arizona Tea.   I shall return!  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Most Recent Pics of Hair: My Hair is Denser than Ever

My hair has been thriving since cutting it majorly on March 30th.  It is retaining Moisture without Glycerin products and has minimal tangles and knots.  I donot have to moisturize my hair more than twice a week if even that.  I retwist without adding product and may add a bit of jojoba oil to the ends before untwisting and Vitamin E on the hairline.

I go through a wash routine about once a week and I have yet to make deep conditioning my priority although I always prepoo even if its before cowashing.  I use a non sulfate shampoo once a month and mostly everything I put in my hair is 100% natural.  My scalp is never irritated (itchy/dry) .

Still using SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie & SM Curling Souffle (Very little due to high glycerin content)  and pretty much a modified LOC method of moisturizing and sealing.  Using the Giovanni Direct leave -in for Protein and Tresemme Naturals for Cowashing & SM Black Soap Purification Masque & Coconut Oil for Prepoo.   Still looking for a great deep conditioning treatment.  I enjoyed the KBB Lucious Locks Mask but have not purchased any more just yet.

This works for me right now in the summer months and I am still trying to make deep conditioning a priority for me.

I just love the density of my hair these days!

One of my last Wash N Goes (1st day Hair)
Pretty much this has been my hair in July... Occasional WNG but mostly twist outs that age in to or transform with sweat & humidity in to a chunky fro.  Everyone always compliments as well as want to touch my hair.    I am finding the more Wild my hair is the more I like it.

Will try to be more diligent in August with my Blogging!   Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Twist Out with a Flower!

Hi Everyone,

This is a twist out that I did after my wash Routine on last Saturday.  Of course I retwist every night and I do not apply additional stylers or cremes unless I feel my hair getting a bit dry.
This is my Friday hair.  On Wednesday night, after retwisting, I added about to 50 cent piece amounts of Butters N Bars 100% aloe vera gel to the length of my twists.  When I untwisted I used a tad bit of Jojoba oil and sprayed light mist of CD Tui Moisture Spray and was out the door.  My hair stayed moisturized and well defined all day Thursday.  Retwisted (no product/oil) and put bonnet on and on Friday---Banging Twist out.  It is about 95 degrees outside and my hair is still very defined.  In the picture above I only separated once and picked the roots very slightly.

My hair has been responding so well to my new regimen as well as to these twist outs.  I have been using the Giovanni Direct Leave In before styling and my hair seems to be getting stronger, dense and hardly any shedding at all.  Even with daily manipulation (retwisting). 

I hope my hair continues to thrive through the summer.  My plan is to incorporate weekly deep conditioning treatments which is something that I have been neglecting.   Also I plan on buying a few scarves so that I can shield my hair on those days that I want something more stylish than a hat but coverage from the sun's powerful rays.

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Weekend!   Happy 20th Birthday to My Lovely daughter Bria!  (6-23-92)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Working the Twist Outs - Retaining Moisture Routine

Well I have been liking my variation of twist outs.   My process is to retwist every night which takes approximately 1/2 hr.  Not a big deal for the nice definition that I am able to achieve.
I have tried a variety of products in giving different looks to my twist outs.   I have tried the Let's Jam Custard, Design Essentials Stretching Creme which both have quite a bit of glycerin in them.  I have found that I am not a fan of Glycerin in the warmer months and definitely not on Out Styles.  I prefer glycerin for holding moisture in the Winter with protective styles or maybe updo's.  
This picture with Design Essentials...too much Glycerin
 I have been using the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to achieve a soft yet defined twist out that has movement and feels great to the touch.  I have also reintroduced my hair to Giovanni Direct-Leave In.   Although I would not use this for my Wash N Go styles I really like it for preparing my hair for twists or twist outs and sometimes use a bit to retwist my hair at night.   The Giovanni Direct Leave in has protein in it so I make sure not to over use it but my hair is looking and feeling GREAT!   It is definitely growing back as well.

Here is my new routine.

1. Prepoo with Coconut Oil and V05 Moisture Milks or Shea Moisture Purification Mask
2. Cowash my hair with the Tresemme Naturals or Loreal EverCreme Nourishing Conditioners
3. Rinse Conditioner and apply either Jojoba or Olive Oil to Wet Hair
4. Plot Excess Water microfiber towel or turban
5. Apply Giovanni Direct Leave In
6. Apply Jojoba oil again
7. Use styling moisturizing creme (SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie)
8. Apply a bit of Vitamin E oil to my hairline at night after retwisting.

This process has allowed me to retain moisture although I am wearing my hair out everyday.   This prevents alot of tangles and SSK's.  

I think that my hair has shown me that it can flourish without protective styling.  Lets see the continued progress through these summer months and that will determine how I will handle the Winter months and the changes that the Cold Weather will bring to my hair..

Monday, May 14, 2012

Update: Curly Girl/Weight Loss Journey

Just checking in and giving a bit of an update on what's going on with me.

I am still doing the curly girl method and the picture above is rinsed, a bit of tresemme natural moisture conditioner and a bit of Eco Styler Blue Gel.   The gel was applied in the shower without shingling.   All raking through with my fingers and scrunching was done in the shower and not under the shower head.  This hair may not yield 2nd day hair but its so easy it will be fine for doing daily.  We will see what my hair looks like after working out in the morning.

I must say I really liked that process a lot better and it took less product to get the result.   My hair was done first then as I showered it allowed the steam to hydrate my hair even further.   Then I lightly diffused.

I am still enjoying my Curly girl method and I have used a variety of Curly Girl Friendly products with various results.   Here is a list of my Curly Girl Products  for Cowashing/Styling in my Cabinet:

1. Tressemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner (Aloe Vera and Avocado)
2.  Deva Curl One Conditioner
3.  Deva Curl Heaven in Hair
4.  Deva Curl No -Poo
5.  Garnier Frutis Pure Clean
6.  Curl Junkie Smoothing Leave-In
7.  Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha
8.  Let's Jam Custard - Flexible Hold Gel
9.  Eco Styler Blue
10. Curl Junkie Repair Me
11.  Curl Junkie Beauticurls
12.  Butters n Bars Aloe Vera Gel
13.  Mendhi (Ancient Sunrise) Lavender Liquid Shampoo(Ancient Sunrise ® Liquid Shampoos contain no chemical detergents, fragrances, coal tar derivatives or artificial ingredients.  These shampoos are made from saponified oils of sunflower (infused with lavender, zizyphus, cassia, amla) coconut, and castor bean, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum.)

Another thing is that I have gained all the weight I lost last summer back and more.   So of course on Mother's Day I have made the decision to get that weight Off and keep it off this time.  I will be updating the blog with my wight loss journey... Yet Again!   I am utilizing and my Treadmill and Exercise TV on Demand.  If your on please friend me Vetsnatural is my name on there.

Be Blessed and Happy Monday and Belated Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Curly Girl Method: Let's Jam Flexible Hold Creme Gel

Well my curly girl method is coming along very nicely.   There are a slew of women on Youtube partaking in the curly girl challenge.  Jcokes and Mahoganycurls are two of the most influential at this time.  Jcokes is doing hers with Dessert Essence Coconut Conditioner for Cowashing and Devacurl One Conditioner for Leave-In and Styling.   Mahoganycurls utilizes Tresemme Naturals Aloe and Avocado moisture conditioner and Devacurl One Conditioner and the past week has brought to her viewers attention a product named

Lets Jam Flexible Hold Creme Gel

This Stuff is Amazing.  Amazing Hold , reduces Frizz and Ultra Moisturizing.

 Of Course I had to give it a try... The product Junkie in me!

This product gives great shine and has great slip.  After cowashing my hair with any of my Sulfate Free Conditioners.  I may apply a bit of leave-in.  I apply a bit of product all over my hair, then begin to shingle or rake my fingers through my hair adding additional product where needed.  With this product you don't have to worry about creating frizz but this product helps the "clumping".   I then shake my head back and forth side to side, front to back and then defuse slightly to aid the drying process.  

This product gives a very flexible soft HOLD with Fluff and Body/Volume to the hair. Your hair will still have great movement and the product reactivates with water.  So far multiday hair has not been a problem.
Even on a rainy afternoon I had a Good Hair Day!  A little of this product goes a long way and can be used on wet or dry hair.  I prefer it with a bit of leave in and on soaking wet hair.  This product makes your hair feel very light and is great to use all the way to the roots of your hair without feeling build up.   

I went to the Walgreens and bought 2 more jars.   I am going to try it on my daughters hair which is even thicker/dense and see if it helps make her hair feel lighter and fluffier.   This product ranges from $3-$6 in most stores and I found mine in target for $5.79.   Give it a try... its not all natural but there are no sulfates, cones or petroleum.