Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Loving My Mini Twists! Its Gonna be some Wash Day on Dec 11th.


Still working with my two strand twist and I have been giving myself steam in the shower and lightly sealing.   When I split my two strand twists into Mini twists, I used some Shea Moisture Deep Treatment mask to do them.   I think I may have a bit of product buildup so I have not added any more product to the hair.  It is wearing off through the steam and a light vitamin E to seal.

I am getting lots of compliments on my minis and I am finding them easy to maintain, moisturize and manipulate.  I just found out that our Holiday party is Semi Formal and i am still thinking of doing a full Wash Day and mini twists in an updo with a nice flower .... now to work on the Attire....LOL.  I have a few things but they may be a bit big... Imagine that...   Definitely on the line of Black because I loves me some Black.

Another Natural here at work... Pres. Daughter asked me to twist her hair because she thought I got mine done professionallly and this girl has some hair on her head.   She said she wouldnt want them as small as mine but she has sooooo much hair.  I may have to refer her to a stylist that I know.   Hey if she pay some cash, I might start my supplemental income with her...LOL.

Here are additional photos of my styling for the last two days.   Remember Shrinkage but I love my curls/coils of my Twists.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Well I will be going back to work tomorrow!

Good Afternoon,

I just finished separating my twists into two to make mini twists and I love them.  I will be able to create lots of styles the next two weeks with the smaller twists and they are curly/coily with my AVG/EVCO/Shea concoction.  It has been since Friday Nov 12 since I have washed my hair but I am going to try to either just rinse or not wash these out until I have the big wash day on Dec. 11.  I have my company Holiday party that day.

I need to go out and get some hair accessories to complete my look and I am going to be a bit experimental with it.  Gonna get a few more loc socs because with winter and all they can be awesome to keep the warmth and blood circulating to stimulate the hair growing process.   Now let me say that I am not a long hair fanatic and really just want my hair shoulder length shrunken and full and healthy hair and body.  That still might be too much hair for me, but it will allow for alot of versatility .  I want my skin to be Chocolate and Flawless too.

Going to my Nephews going away Air Force dinner today and preparing myself for a full day of work tomorrow.  I need to watch my food and calorie intake because I am on these steriods for my lungs and they make me "Hungry".  I want to lose another 10 pounds and not gain 10 which is easy on Prednisone.  Luckily I am on the Taper and have only 9 more days to go.  I will be bringing my lunch , drinking lots of tea and water this week.

My hair is on protective style lock down and I am starting to feel a lot better.  I Love, Love, Love my family for all their Love and Support and my wonderful friends for taking care of me and cursing me out and threatening me to take better care.   I will be more diligent and humble in the days to come.  Love YA!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Good Evening and Many Blessings,

Today I went to ExittheApple and bought my Oyin Handmade products.   Included in this haul were the following:  16 oz Honey Hemp Condish, 2 Large Whipped Puddings, 1 Med Whipped Shea,  Franks Juice and got them all for $63 tax included. 

Now I had the sample pack that had Honey Hemp, whipped Pudding, shine and Define and Gregs Juice.  I bought that for about $10 and I think its an awesome sample pack.  The Shine and Define was nice with the whipped pudding for twisting but was really light and I have seen a little better product for my hair.   The whipped pudding is Awesome for hair and body.  I use it on my face after using my Rhassoul Clay Soap and it does not feel greasy but moisturized and gives a Natural glow.. Has Cocoa butter and Aloe which are great regenerators for skin.   I loved the Gregs Juice which is a refresher and decided to get the larger one and use the small one for carrying in my purse.   The Honey Hemp... although a humectant is so wonderful with detangling my fine curly hair and can be used to Deep Condition or as a leave in.  Its not super thick and has a shelf life of 3-6 months so I decided to just buy the 16 oz because since I have been sick, I am reducing the number of hair washing to maybe ever 2-3 weeks.  I dont use alot of products that buildup so this should not create any problems and the use of protective styling will only help as well with moisture and keeping my hair from the SSK and detangling sessions.  The Honey Hemp will be kept in the refrigerator along with my BNB Conditioning Mask that I have not used yet.  I think I will try both of these the next Hair Wash Day.

Its getting windy and chilly here in Maryland so I did find me a Loc Soc $6.99 (replica) at the Beauty Supply Store as well as picked up a few hats.  I am ready to work these and use the loc soc for keeping my twists tamed as I sleep as well as wearing it under my hats to protect my hair and keep my head nice and warm .  Now just need some more scarfs and gloves.  This Christmas, I hope someone buy me a nice Hat /Glove/Scarf Set.  I love those types of gifts.

I am anxious to work my protective styles that I have been reviewing on YT since I have had Cabin Fever between the hospital and at home.  I want to take care of my hair and show these folks that Natural Hair Care and Maintenance is Rewarding and Absolutely Liberating, Cute and Sexy.  Not just for people with "Good Hair" although I've been told that is what I have...LMBO.

Have a great Saturday and a Blessed Sunday.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Great Turkey Day with my Family!

Hi Everyone,
Had an awesome day with my family here at my house since I am recovering from pneumonia.  My Mom cooked most things and my dear friend deep fried a cajun creole turkey and I made pineapple upside down cake and crab dip.  So we were stuffed before 4pm and everyone packed containers and I still have plenty of food for the rest of the weekend.   I love my Family and there's nothing more than the LORD Himself.

I am sitting here online debating to purchase a few natural hair products that would like to try but know goodness well I really don't need right now.  I may stop by the Oyin store and take advantage of the sale on Sat and pick up the Greg's Juice (I really was impressed with that), I also love the honey hemp conditioner but it has honey, a humectant which some say should only be used in the summer months.   I still haven't gotten all the nuances of Natural down just yet and I will be all Natural 2 yrs... Somewhere mid-January2011.

Maybe I will do some online shopping or just try to hold out a bit longer unless I see the deal of a lifetime.   I am sure there will be plenty between now and Xmas eve.

Continue to enjoy your holiday weekend.....don't overeat and don't over spend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back After a 7 Day Hospital Stay! Feeling Much Better!

Hi Everyone,
Just got out of the hospital Monday after a bit of double pneumonia.  So I am taking it easy and trying to get my breathing back to 100%.  I am just glad I was discharged before Turkey Day.

I did go to Rhode Island on the 12th which was not a good idea.  Really should have gone to the emergency room there but No Way.  I wanted the comfort of my family so I waited until Monday to get to the doctors.   Can we say, HMO, Pityful.   I get x-rays done on Monday and I have to call to get the results and they are bad.   She didnt even say go to the hospital.  I knew that sitting home may kill me and so I went to the emergency where they admitted me immediately.   Well 7 days later and I am feeling much better and glad to be home.

Thank Goodness I had my hair in 2 strand twists so that I was not looking too crazy in the hospital.   Had my Mom bring me a satin bonnet too with all those cotton sheets and pillowcases.   Sick as a dog but still thinking of my hair.   I am going to have to put away the WNG's until the spring and go with Twist Outs , Buns and lots of 2 Strand creations.  Protective styling for my hair and lungs...LMBO.

I made a bit of concoction today, Aloe Vera Gel , Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil and a bit of Castor oil.   I will be using this to twist and maintain moisture.   You know how I love my AVG/Coconut oil Combo... I put the Shea to make it more buttery.  Gonna put an order for a small food processor to make it easier to make some of these.

Well everyone have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Sit back with family , Relax and Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wash N Go

Good Morning,

Its been pretty crisp outside (This am 36 degrees), so am on a 3 day old Wash N Go.   This is one of the first times that I felt I could make this style last more than 2 days.  I have worn it with a side part, middle part as well as coils stretched standing up in the front.  With the newly trimmed ends, my hair is responding beautifully to everything I do.

My hair is still noticeably softer since the steam treatment and I am still going to do the BNB Conditioning Mask over this coming weekend.

Other than that, just working, bowling and loving my family and life.  Lets see how long I can keep this WNG.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My hair is definitely Thinning - Good/Bad.... Not Sure!

Hi Natural Community,

Well last week I decided to go to a salon and get a good professional trim, deep conditioning steam treatment and a finger style.

My hair felt absolutely wonderful after the trim and treatment however the product used to finger style "Design Essentials Curling Creme" made my hair a bit tacky feeling which I really didn't like.   So of course, I put my coconut oil on my hair and it became a curly afro.... Looked great, but although softer I could still feel the product on my hair.  To me the finger styling was less defined than my normal wash and go, but I would say that my wash and go has less volume because of the clumping of my fine strands than the finger style.  I think I definitely liked the volume that the technique (kind of like shingling but just product on smaller sections) for when I am doing a curly fro but maybe I would have to try more leave in or a product that leaves less of a "build up" feel.

Well this morning I decided to do a WNG which I had not done in ages.  I got that product build up out of my hair with Ah nu Lux Shampoo and Conditioner and then I used my Oyin Honey Hemp as a leave in, a dime size amount of Aveda Curl Enhancer .... Micro toweled... then used my Aloe Vera Gel and Clap Applied and separated and sealed with the coconut oil.  My curlies look amazing!  That trim was wonderful and you know I had no detangling needed or anything.

I did notice that with the clumping came a bit more scalp exposure and even when my hair was blown out for the trim at the salon, I noticed a bit of thinning or easier scalp visually. 

I have decided to begin doing Castor oil massages to my scalp and hairline to promote growth.  Dubur Vatika Coconut oil with Amla is a good thickener too.   I will be going back to my protective styling also but twists since those I can do wonderfully and there are so many options with twists.  I am going to stay away from flat twist and just do loose two strands.   They are more versatile and less pulling on individual strands.

I am over 40 and I may be reaching the age of hormonal changes but we will have to see if that is it.  My hair may just be changing a bit.  The salon stylist said she did not see much breakage but that I need to make sure I get my trims more regularly.  I agree with that because my hair feels a ton better since the trim.

I was definitely glad that she said my moisture and elasticity was great in my hair.  Oh yeah, she used Nairobi products on my hair and that stuff made my hair feel like butter as well and the treatment was the Miss Jessie Rapid Recovery.   I may definitely have to look into getting a Steamer as well.... That thing is the bomb!