Monday, November 1, 2010

My hair is definitely Thinning - Good/Bad.... Not Sure!

Hi Natural Community,

Well last week I decided to go to a salon and get a good professional trim, deep conditioning steam treatment and a finger style.

My hair felt absolutely wonderful after the trim and treatment however the product used to finger style "Design Essentials Curling Creme" made my hair a bit tacky feeling which I really didn't like.   So of course, I put my coconut oil on my hair and it became a curly afro.... Looked great, but although softer I could still feel the product on my hair.  To me the finger styling was less defined than my normal wash and go, but I would say that my wash and go has less volume because of the clumping of my fine strands than the finger style.  I think I definitely liked the volume that the technique (kind of like shingling but just product on smaller sections) for when I am doing a curly fro but maybe I would have to try more leave in or a product that leaves less of a "build up" feel.

Well this morning I decided to do a WNG which I had not done in ages.  I got that product build up out of my hair with Ah nu Lux Shampoo and Conditioner and then I used my Oyin Honey Hemp as a leave in, a dime size amount of Aveda Curl Enhancer .... Micro toweled... then used my Aloe Vera Gel and Clap Applied and separated and sealed with the coconut oil.  My curlies look amazing!  That trim was wonderful and you know I had no detangling needed or anything.

I did notice that with the clumping came a bit more scalp exposure and even when my hair was blown out for the trim at the salon, I noticed a bit of thinning or easier scalp visually. 

I have decided to begin doing Castor oil massages to my scalp and hairline to promote growth.  Dubur Vatika Coconut oil with Amla is a good thickener too.   I will be going back to my protective styling also but twists since those I can do wonderfully and there are so many options with twists.  I am going to stay away from flat twist and just do loose two strands.   They are more versatile and less pulling on individual strands.

I am over 40 and I may be reaching the age of hormonal changes but we will have to see if that is it.  My hair may just be changing a bit.  The salon stylist said she did not see much breakage but that I need to make sure I get my trims more regularly.  I agree with that because my hair feels a ton better since the trim.

I was definitely glad that she said my moisture and elasticity was great in my hair.  Oh yeah, she used Nairobi products on my hair and that stuff made my hair feel like butter as well and the treatment was the Miss Jessie Rapid Recovery.   I may definitely have to look into getting a Steamer as well.... That thing is the bomb!

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