Friday, November 26, 2010

Great Turkey Day with my Family!

Hi Everyone,
Had an awesome day with my family here at my house since I am recovering from pneumonia.  My Mom cooked most things and my dear friend deep fried a cajun creole turkey and I made pineapple upside down cake and crab dip.  So we were stuffed before 4pm and everyone packed containers and I still have plenty of food for the rest of the weekend.   I love my Family and there's nothing more than the LORD Himself.

I am sitting here online debating to purchase a few natural hair products that would like to try but know goodness well I really don't need right now.  I may stop by the Oyin store and take advantage of the sale on Sat and pick up the Greg's Juice (I really was impressed with that), I also love the honey hemp conditioner but it has honey, a humectant which some say should only be used in the summer months.   I still haven't gotten all the nuances of Natural down just yet and I will be all Natural 2 yrs... Somewhere mid-January2011.

Maybe I will do some online shopping or just try to hold out a bit longer unless I see the deal of a lifetime.   I am sure there will be plenty between now and Xmas eve.

Continue to enjoy your holiday weekend.....don't overeat and don't over spend.

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