Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back After a 7 Day Hospital Stay! Feeling Much Better!

Hi Everyone,
Just got out of the hospital Monday after a bit of double pneumonia.  So I am taking it easy and trying to get my breathing back to 100%.  I am just glad I was discharged before Turkey Day.

I did go to Rhode Island on the 12th which was not a good idea.  Really should have gone to the emergency room there but No Way.  I wanted the comfort of my family so I waited until Monday to get to the doctors.   Can we say, HMO, Pityful.   I get x-rays done on Monday and I have to call to get the results and they are bad.   She didnt even say go to the hospital.  I knew that sitting home may kill me and so I went to the emergency where they admitted me immediately.   Well 7 days later and I am feeling much better and glad to be home.

Thank Goodness I had my hair in 2 strand twists so that I was not looking too crazy in the hospital.   Had my Mom bring me a satin bonnet too with all those cotton sheets and pillowcases.   Sick as a dog but still thinking of my hair.   I am going to have to put away the WNG's until the spring and go with Twist Outs , Buns and lots of 2 Strand creations.  Protective styling for my hair and lungs...LMBO.

I made a bit of concoction today, Aloe Vera Gel , Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil and a bit of Castor oil.   I will be using this to twist and maintain moisture.   You know how I love my AVG/Coconut oil Combo... I put the Shea to make it more buttery.  Gonna put an order for a small food processor to make it easier to make some of these.

Well everyone have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Sit back with family , Relax and Enjoy!

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