Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Loving My Mini Twists! Its Gonna be some Wash Day on Dec 11th.


Still working with my two strand twist and I have been giving myself steam in the shower and lightly sealing.   When I split my two strand twists into Mini twists, I used some Shea Moisture Deep Treatment mask to do them.   I think I may have a bit of product buildup so I have not added any more product to the hair.  It is wearing off through the steam and a light vitamin E to seal.

I am getting lots of compliments on my minis and I am finding them easy to maintain, moisturize and manipulate.  I just found out that our Holiday party is Semi Formal and i am still thinking of doing a full Wash Day and mini twists in an updo with a nice flower .... now to work on the Attire....LOL.  I have a few things but they may be a bit big... Imagine that...   Definitely on the line of Black because I loves me some Black.

Another Natural here at work... Pres. Daughter asked me to twist her hair because she thought I got mine done professionallly and this girl has some hair on her head.   She said she wouldnt want them as small as mine but she has sooooo much hair.  I may have to refer her to a stylist that I know.   Hey if she pay some cash, I might start my supplemental income with her...LOL.

Here are additional photos of my styling for the last two days.   Remember Shrinkage but I love my curls/coils of my Twists.

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