Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shedding vs. Breakage

Hey Everybody,

I finally took those salon styled 2 strand flat twist updo down and let me tell you.   I had so much hair to put in the trash I was almost suicidal.  Still kind of unable to tell breakage from shedding but I really think it was more breakage than anything.

I really feel I need to go get a good trim and make sure my ends are on point.   I think a good Steam Deep Conditioner Treatment is needed as well.  To me of course my hair felt thinner and weaker.   My protective styling is suppose to help strengthen and retain length but this experience was not either. 

I want natural shed hair which in its curly state is hard for me to recognize from breakage..... Sorry Still a Rookie on that one.  I want to see continued healthy growth.  I may have to start doing a more delicate and precise detangling method.   It seems when I was wearing my wng's my hair was less tangled then when I put protective styles in.  I wonder why?  In my wng's I never use gel and hair is prone to frizz but not as many tangles or single strand knots as 2 strand twists.  Hmmmm.

I think I will begin to detangle my hair in sections.  Buy some more Trader Joe's Nourishing Spa and add my EVCO & EVOO.  I also made my own leave-in after cowashing this time.   Dont have precise measurements for this small batch but my hair is So Soft and it was a heck of a curl definer too.

Suave Prof. Almond Shea Conditioner
 4 drops of Rosemary oil
Vitamin E
Castor Oil
Olive Oil

I am going to measure the next small batch as well as make sure that I have all the ingredients that I want.   I think the Castor Oil is the main ingredient that is making it extra soft.  3 days later I only touch up the edges with castor oil/ vitamin e oil before bedtime and in the morning.

Gonna check out Essential Beauty Spa for a Steam Treatment this week.  I dont want anyone to protective style just give me hair care maintenance for now!  I am not very trusting and can't even think of the highlights I wanted at this point!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hair is still looking GOOD!

Happy Monday,

My hair is still in my 2 strand flat twist with bun from my Salon visit and I am still getting great compliments.   I am kind of getting board with it and want to play in my hair...LOL.

I am still thinking about getting a bit of color highlights and a trim and deep conditioning on my next visit to a salon.  I want a bit of color to add a little bling to my hairstyles.   I just haven't totally decided on the color or who to get to do it.

I am holding on to this style at least until Friday but I cant wait to get my hands back in my hair.  I know that kind of goes against the protective styling/low manipulation but I figure, I will still do the protective style but it will be something that is flowing a little more.   Maybe some two strands pinned.

Well not much to report except a weekend that went to fast.   On Sunday I had RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and that was very irritating during the day and made for a very restless night.  I think I am going to have to do some exercising and stretching to combat that.   Also possibly getting a new cushion for my sitting chair may help to take the pressure off of some of the trigger points that are in my Booty that may be triggering the nerves to respond with annoying sensations.

Will post tomorrow about not spending money on eating out!   Spending too much money on fast food after looking at my bank statement.  Gotta make a challenge out of that and record my meals.   Might as well pair it with a bit of smaller meals and better food choices.   Until tomorrow...... Enjoy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well its Friday and All is Well

Well it is Friday, One week after my salon visit and my hair is holding up nicely.   I would be lying if I said that I didnt enjoy wrapping my hair at night , removing the scarf and spending less time getting ready for work or play.  If only dressing was as easy.  

I am missing styling my hair with my two strands but I know I will be back on in another week or so , so I will just enjoy the freedom for now.   My fine hair is trying to seep out of these flat twists a little but it makes it look even more natural and cute. 

I am looking forward to a good relaxing weekend and I know I need to start getting all the summer clothes and donations ready from my wardrobes.   That may help me get my attire together faster in the morning.  Time to Clean and Clear out what is not needed and assume a minimalist attitude.  Ive been thinking of my eating and spending habits as well and feel I am over indulging.   Thinking about starting a new challenge for myself  - A no eating out challenge except for Saturdays/Sundays.   I have been looking at my bank statement and all I see is Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.... so many food places.   This has got to stop.   I bet I could lose a few pounds in the process.   Hmmm... may have to do this!!

Well have a great weekend and Be Safe and Be Happy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Went to Natural Hair Salon --- Not Wowed!

Well I have been posting on NP but had not done a post on my own blog.   Well here is how the appointment went.

When I arrived Jennifer welcomed me and escorted me to the wash basin.  I discussed with her that I was thinking about some color but she said that she would have had to schedule it in her book in advance and that she had a birthday party to take her kids to after finishing my hair.

She proceeded to wet down my hair and wash and finger comb detangle.  There were a few tangles but not much since I had detangled my hair prior to twisting and removed into a twist out for my appt.   Well she began to state that her clients normally comb out their hair prior to the appt.  Well coming directly from work, that was not going to be possible and really, I just didnt "get it".

After washing she proceeded to condition my hair and detangle.  She asked if my head was itching... as she began to drag her nails across my scalp.  Okay... Im not big on that at all... I dont want any abrasions.  I didnt like her detangling technique although my hair is very easily detangled.   She started at mid range of the hair shaft and did not take proper care in holding the hair at the ends but actually pulling the comb away from the head.   She detangled in sections and Thank Goodness my hair is awesome wet with conditioner.   She then rinsed and took the towel and did not plopp but instead rubbed upwards and downwards.   I would have preferred plopping or just squeezing.

Well she had to remove clips from the client before me who had gotten two strands and it was about 3 inches long and beautifully colored and styled.   I then assumed the position in the chair and she began to mix her concoction of Carols Daughter Mimosa and Loc butter and shea.... Awesome as well as a Tui Leave in.  My hair felt like butter and smelled wonderful.  

Jennifer was very gentle with my hairline and very neat in her styling approach.   She asked me about my comfort in what she was doing and I was fine.  After about the 4th flat twist, I asked her about the ends of my hair and trimming.   She said my hair needed a trim and I said " Well why didnt you tell me and trim the ends".   She said that I would need to schedule that in my appointment.   Hmmm.... how long does a trim really take.... Of course I thought that was BS and started to feel like since she had a prior commitment that I was being a bit rushed.   Well she finished styling in less than 30 mins and it was scalpy but nice and neat.   I sat under a warm dryer for about 7 mins and was ready to hit the door.

The price of all this was $68, that was with the 15% discount.   I was not wowed, with the price or services.   But felt a feeling of adequacy.   Okay, I did not make another appointment before leaving and felt that really I had received minimal services that didnt require $80 on a good day.  I think I will possible stick to doing my own hair for now.  I got more compliments on my pinned to one side twists than I have on this style.   The stylist did say that my hair was in great condition with great elasticity.. but do I trust her when she detangles mid shaft?  Hmmm.   I know I take pretty good care of my hair and I use good products.   I think I will continue to do my own and continue to be creative in my age appropriate styling.   However, I do want some color.   Gonna have to think about where I wanna go for that.

In the meantime, I am slapping that rag on my hair and sporting this $80 do until I cant rock it any more.  I have to get at least 2 full weeks out of it or I will feel like I made a huge donation to someones grocery bill/cable/internet/phone (Triple/Quaduple Play).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday - 6 month Protective Style Challenge is On !

Well I still have the tst's pinned over to one side style and still looking hot, hot, hot.  Some are asking why I am even interested in going to a professional stylist.   I appreciate the compliments but just want to have options with regards, to maybe more semi-formal affairs and age appropriate styles.   Not that I cant be creative with my own skills with my flat and tst's, but everyone loves to be pampered sometimes.

I have been playing around with style ideas for the next set of twists.   I have to see how I decide to do my hair this week, probably some up do that will last about 3 weeks without tangling.  Just got my eye brows arched and I am ready for my eye makeup, big hoop earrings and bring the swagga!