Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday - 6 month Protective Style Challenge is On !

Well I still have the tst's pinned over to one side style and still looking hot, hot, hot.  Some are asking why I am even interested in going to a professional stylist.   I appreciate the compliments but just want to have options with regards, to maybe more semi-formal affairs and age appropriate styles.   Not that I cant be creative with my own skills with my flat and tst's, but everyone loves to be pampered sometimes.

I have been playing around with style ideas for the next set of twists.   I have to see how I decide to do my hair this week, probably some up do that will last about 3 weeks without tangling.  Just got my eye brows arched and I am ready for my eye makeup, big hoop earrings and bring the swagga!

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