Friday, June 22, 2012

Twist Out with a Flower!

Hi Everyone,

This is a twist out that I did after my wash Routine on last Saturday.  Of course I retwist every night and I do not apply additional stylers or cremes unless I feel my hair getting a bit dry.
This is my Friday hair.  On Wednesday night, after retwisting, I added about to 50 cent piece amounts of Butters N Bars 100% aloe vera gel to the length of my twists.  When I untwisted I used a tad bit of Jojoba oil and sprayed light mist of CD Tui Moisture Spray and was out the door.  My hair stayed moisturized and well defined all day Thursday.  Retwisted (no product/oil) and put bonnet on and on Friday---Banging Twist out.  It is about 95 degrees outside and my hair is still very defined.  In the picture above I only separated once and picked the roots very slightly.

My hair has been responding so well to my new regimen as well as to these twist outs.  I have been using the Giovanni Direct Leave In before styling and my hair seems to be getting stronger, dense and hardly any shedding at all.  Even with daily manipulation (retwisting). 

I hope my hair continues to thrive through the summer.  My plan is to incorporate weekly deep conditioning treatments which is something that I have been neglecting.   Also I plan on buying a few scarves so that I can shield my hair on those days that I want something more stylish than a hat but coverage from the sun's powerful rays.

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Weekend!   Happy 20th Birthday to My Lovely daughter Bria!  (6-23-92)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Working the Twist Outs - Retaining Moisture Routine

Well I have been liking my variation of twist outs.   My process is to retwist every night which takes approximately 1/2 hr.  Not a big deal for the nice definition that I am able to achieve.
I have tried a variety of products in giving different looks to my twist outs.   I have tried the Let's Jam Custard, Design Essentials Stretching Creme which both have quite a bit of glycerin in them.  I have found that I am not a fan of Glycerin in the warmer months and definitely not on Out Styles.  I prefer glycerin for holding moisture in the Winter with protective styles or maybe updo's.  
This picture with Design Essentials...too much Glycerin
 I have been using the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to achieve a soft yet defined twist out that has movement and feels great to the touch.  I have also reintroduced my hair to Giovanni Direct-Leave In.   Although I would not use this for my Wash N Go styles I really like it for preparing my hair for twists or twist outs and sometimes use a bit to retwist my hair at night.   The Giovanni Direct Leave in has protein in it so I make sure not to over use it but my hair is looking and feeling GREAT!   It is definitely growing back as well.

Here is my new routine.

1. Prepoo with Coconut Oil and V05 Moisture Milks or Shea Moisture Purification Mask
2. Cowash my hair with the Tresemme Naturals or Loreal EverCreme Nourishing Conditioners
3. Rinse Conditioner and apply either Jojoba or Olive Oil to Wet Hair
4. Plot Excess Water microfiber towel or turban
5. Apply Giovanni Direct Leave In
6. Apply Jojoba oil again
7. Use styling moisturizing creme (SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie)
8. Apply a bit of Vitamin E oil to my hairline at night after retwisting.

This process has allowed me to retain moisture although I am wearing my hair out everyday.   This prevents alot of tangles and SSK's.  

I think that my hair has shown me that it can flourish without protective styling.  Lets see the continued progress through these summer months and that will determine how I will handle the Winter months and the changes that the Cold Weather will bring to my hair..