Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Glasses and Back to My Twists! ... Baltimore Natural Hair Expo.

 Good Morning/Afternoon,

I am sitting here wondering where Oh where is Spring!  It is March 29th and I came to work in mid 20's weather in Maryland.  WTH. 

Lately I have been kind of wearing my curls via a Wet and Go and I have been doing this for about the entire month of March.  I decided yesterday, since I picked up two new pairs of glasses that I was going to to put some twists back in my hair.  With the cold still hanging around, I didnt want to take chances with my ends.  I am anxious for the warm weather "Hair-wise Only".  I am about 15 pounds over my normal weight and I have got to get this weight off.   I have an outdoors walking regimen that I have not been able to execute.  So I am going to have to commit to something else until the weather breaks.

Texture Shot
I have been seeing where some of my shed strands are growing back in.  At first I thought maybe breakage but then I thought about it.  You hair is never going to be the same length because the shed strands have to take time to grow.  This process may also help my hair to slightly thicken as well.

This past weekend I went to the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo on Sunday and really had a great time.   I made a very small haul of:  Zuresh Full Body Cleanser (Absolutely Wonderful...see 2 pairs of hand made earrings, a new Loc Soc, some Fragance Body Butters,and a Wooden  Soap Dish for my Natural Chagrin Soaps..

There were so many lovely ladies with dreads, twists, tuck n rolls, twist outs, coilouts, blowouts, twa's etc.  It is always so wonderful to be among people who look like you and have many of the same interests.  There were so many wonderfully talented folks that made jewelry, clothing, handbags, butters, soaps and natural products.  There were vendors on Natural Health/Hair/Finance etc.  Loved it All... Just need a little bigger place to hold it and get a few Food Vendors cause a chick was starving!   Looking at some of those women made me want to continue my journey with even more dedication to Body and Health as well.   I am going to start really trying to make more of these shows at least in driving distance.

Well that is pretty much all for right now but I will be working with these twists for a minute.  I used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to twist on dry hair and Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel to finish and curl /coil my twists.  Satin Scarf and Satin Pillowcase to hold the style.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Came in 2nd Place at the Eastern Regional Bill Rhodman Singles Tournament

Well yes I came in 2nd place of my bowling tournament this weekend.   I was the top seed and lost to the 3rd place qualifier due to my own errors.  My mindset was not on point and I should have taken a moment to gather myself before bowling.

All in All a very financially lucrative weekend and I learned that my Mental Focus need to be there.  Also I had no alcoholic beverages and got my rest at the wonderful Hilton in North Brunswick, NJ.  Nothing like the Hilton in Beachwood, OH.

I did where a beautiful Wash N Go and I am still sporting the same hair but it has gotten a little less coily and looking more curly.  I love the Hair Dew from Oyin and Greg's juice to spritz moisturized and refresh.  Sealed with a little EVOO or Grapeseed I am off to the races.  Its getting a little warmer outside and I am ready to let my hair fly!

I am going to try to still use protective styling but when working out, WNG's are the best for me.  I have been able to get my hair to stand up more using a bit of gel when doing the praying method on my WNG.  The texture is banging and the style is carefree.   Satin bonnet or satin braid bonnet keeps it frizz and tangle free.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still Rocking my Wash N Go! Come On Spring!

Good Morning Yal,

I am still rocking my Wash N Go and going to attempt to get several days out of it.   Today is day 1.
The routine was a quick cowash in the shower, a dime size amount of Aussie, about 2 quarter size of Oyin's Hair Dew, and about a total of a Quarter Size of Ecco yellow gel.  I use the gel very sparingly and really just for hold a bit of frizz control for the crown area.  Once almost dry which doesnt take very long because of the density of my hair (1 hour almost completely dry), I added a bit of coconut oil.  Next time I think I will do this while my hair is really wet and after applying the gel.   I use the shake and prayer method to clump my spirals.  Depending on how much prayer method I use the spirals become even more coily and tight.  This makes for great styling when dry and gives an opportunity to have more than one day hair with my wash n go.  I usually throw the front back because I donot like the hair hanging in my face for work... maybe in the evening when going out to bring the Sexy Back...LOL.

I usually pick at the roots a bit to give more height to the hair and that works great.  My hair definitely frizzes more around the temple area so I will have to really concentrate on working the gel in that area for smoothness of the strand.  This style gets wilder and wilder and looks more and more Free to me.  On the weekends I really let it fly big but for now, work work work.

I have been thinking about my health and weight a bit more and I am at the age where alot of things start popping up.  For the past month 1/2 I have been experiencing intermittent cramping on my left side.
Also a few other issues even when "Mary" is not visiting.  I will definitely be making a womens doctor visit as well as my general practitioner next week.   I noticed that it is starting to get light outside slightly before 6am and soon hopefully will be getting up to 40 degrees so that I can begin my "Exercise -Brisk Walking Regimen".  This regimen consists of walking at least 3 miles in the morning eventually getting up to 7-8 miles before work.  I sometimes include interval jogging / walking in there for variety and it helps to tone and promotes weight loss.  It helps my booty Pop in my jeans too...LMAO.

I have to start concentrating on me again.  Since my daughter is off to school and I have a long distance friendship, I need to start promoting my lifestyle of being fit, eating healthy and most of all Spiritual.  Get back in to reading my Bible and listening to Devotionals.  There are so many things that I would like to get out on this journal and I believe I will in my next few posts.  I am holding alot inside these days but I have got to concentrate on my health, finances and spirituality (don't really like that term).  I want to look great and feel great inside and out and be an inspiration in all areas for others.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wash and Go!

Hey Yal,

Did a wash n go today using the Aussie Moist 2 minute Miracle deep conditioner.  I really did nothing to it except for leave a quarter size amount of conditioner and when it dried I put a nickel size amount of Macadamia Nut Oil on it at work.  My hair is soft and bouncy and the curls are curlicious.  It will be nice when my tresses get to almost shoulder length shrunken but I think that is going to take maybe year 4 or 5.

Can't wait until the weather breaks but I decided to do this to my hair this morning because I was not sure how to wear it and wanted to get to work early.

Hope you likey because I did.   Holla!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March Madness!

Well I came in 4th place in the tournament last weekend and last night I paid for my next tournament in North Brunswick NJ for March 12th & 13th.  Looking forward to that tournament because it is both a Social and Recreational engagement.

I have been wearing my hair in twists and twist outs the last 2 weeks and I am going to be having a wash day today to prepare my hair for the remainder of the week.  My skin issues are clearing so I am feeling a little more adventurous with my Natural hair styles.

I am looking forward to when the weather breaks and Spring finally arrives in full effect.  It will be nice not to hide my tresses under hats and scarves and feel the warm and breeze flow through my natural hair.  I did receive a trim a few weeks ago and I think I did get about an inch cut off.  At least it feels a little shorter but it may just be me and my paranoia.

Lately I have been very disappointed with some friends and their immaturity as it relates to FACEBOOK.  I donot know why  "Grown Folks" would have to update status with Bullcrap all day long.  I am going to have to start really separating myself from those who I really have very few things in common with.  I look back at my few illnesses the past 2 years and see that some of these people are really not true friends or have a very different interpretation of that Label "Friend".  Where were they when I was sick, where were they when I was jobless, and what have they done to enrich my life at all.  Just some thoughts of the day for me.

I have to get back into reading my scriptures in my Bible and get my head back in to my 1st Love who is the Almighty and give him the Praise that he deserves.  He has been there and have carried me and my family. 

Have a Blessed Day!