Monday, July 30, 2012

Most Recent Pics of Hair: My Hair is Denser than Ever

My hair has been thriving since cutting it majorly on March 30th.  It is retaining Moisture without Glycerin products and has minimal tangles and knots.  I donot have to moisturize my hair more than twice a week if even that.  I retwist without adding product and may add a bit of jojoba oil to the ends before untwisting and Vitamin E on the hairline.

I go through a wash routine about once a week and I have yet to make deep conditioning my priority although I always prepoo even if its before cowashing.  I use a non sulfate shampoo once a month and mostly everything I put in my hair is 100% natural.  My scalp is never irritated (itchy/dry) .

Still using SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie & SM Curling Souffle (Very little due to high glycerin content)  and pretty much a modified LOC method of moisturizing and sealing.  Using the Giovanni Direct leave -in for Protein and Tresemme Naturals for Cowashing & SM Black Soap Purification Masque & Coconut Oil for Prepoo.   Still looking for a great deep conditioning treatment.  I enjoyed the KBB Lucious Locks Mask but have not purchased any more just yet.

This works for me right now in the summer months and I am still trying to make deep conditioning a priority for me.

I just love the density of my hair these days!

One of my last Wash N Goes (1st day Hair)
Pretty much this has been my hair in July... Occasional WNG but mostly twist outs that age in to or transform with sweat & humidity in to a chunky fro.  Everyone always compliments as well as want to touch my hair.    I am finding the more Wild my hair is the more I like it.

Will try to be more diligent in August with my Blogging!   Have a Blessed Day!