Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Products that I love! Some Considered Good & Some Considered Not So Good!

Let's Start of by saying that " I Love My Natural Hair"!

I am 3 Months into my 6 Month Protective Style Challege and I am thinking about extending the Challenge.  I have been wearing alot of 2 strand twist and mini-twists styles. The mini-twists can be styled like Loose Naps and I love the versatility.  With the protective styles I have changed my regimen to washing only when my hair has build up or my scalp itches or something (2-3 weeks).  I keep my hair well moisturized; paying special attention to my ends. I still consider myself a newbie and find more and more products (inexpensive), that gives my hair moisture, luster and general good health.   I will list all the products that I use today or alternatively use.

Oyin Handmade Honey Wash
Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade
Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner
Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding & Frank & Greg Juice
Aloe Vera Gel
Unrefined Shea Butter
Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree Essential Oils
Castor Oil & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
Campania: Pure Soybean Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil($1.00 at Dollar Tree)
Chagrin Valley Ayurveda Shampoo Bar, Coconut Butter Bar, Olive Bassau Bar.
Dabur Vatika Oil with Amla, Coconut Oil and Lemon & Herbs.
Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque ( for twisting) to use it up because didn't like it for a deep conditioning treatment
Butters n Bars Original Conditioning Masque (Haven't used but saw Jazzwife's review as a must have)
Carol's Daughter Hair Milk ( Havent used in a while but love this on my Wash N Go's in the Warm Months.

Some of the Commercial Items I've Used Successfully:

Herbal Essence (HE)  Hello Hydration
HE None of your Frizziness
HE Totally Twisted
Garnier Frutise Leave In Sleek N Shine
ORS Hair Mayonaise
QP Elasta DPR-11  and Mango Butter

When I initially went natural I tried the Miss Jessie's Sample Pack and Shampoo and Conditioner.  I really liked the shampoo and conditioner and Rapid Recovery & Baby Buttercreme.

I have in my cabinet a large Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel & a Clear Eco Styler Gel, however I only use the clear most times and rare use that because my edges are so fine and soft, the burnt sugar or whipped pudding will hold them in place.

For Christmas my Sister bought me a Ionic 2n1 Steamer which is the exact same as the Heutiful for $84.99 on Ebay.  Have not used it yet because of my late night Wash Days but will very soon.

About Soy Bean Oil - the brand that I use with the Olive Oil is 90% Olive Oil & 10% Soy Bean Oil

Here is an little bit about Soybean Oil:

The properties within the soybeans do more than just help hair maintain moisture. As you use soybean oil, over time you will also notice that this healthy oil strengthens your locks. Soybeans are dense and loaded with protein.

Hair is made of protein, and additional proteins consumed in your diet and put on your hair helps to add strength and durability. Of course, you will only get results with consistency, so be sure to use this oil on your hair often and eat a healthy diet. Organic soybean oil is best because it does not contain any pesticides or other chemicals.

Read more: Benefits of Soybean Oil for Hair |

Hair Goals for 2011:  Healthy & Fabulous Hair.
Shoulder length Shrunken Tresses and the Crown at least Chin Length. APL Stretched.

Personal Goals:  Get & Work a Effective Financial Plan, Maintain Healthy Relationships with my Family & Friends, Prosper at Work & Career.  Continue to Love My Lord & Savior.   Oh Yeah and Lose 15 pounds by February and keep it off.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Why do I wait until 9:30 pm on Sunday to make it Wash Day?

Well Happy Holidays to All,

It was very nice having family and friends over for Christmas Brunch and we had fun, great conversation and wonderful food.  Courtesy of My Cooking Skills.

Well I don't know why I wait to Wash and Style my hair until 930-10pm at night but it seems like I always do.   Of course my twisting session/wash consisted of me pre-pooing, washing with Oyin Handmade's Honey Wash and  Honey Hemp Conditioner.  I tell you that stuff is magnificent.... at least for my hair.   I decided to make Sunday my Wash Day this week because I had really let my hair go over the Holiday and with Hats and all... needed to be redone.   I never get the itchy or dry scalp that others speak of but that is probably because I keep my hair and scalp well moisturized with aloe vera gel, coconut oil and olive & soybean oil.

My Wonderful Sister bought me a Steamer for Christmas and I cant wait to use it.  There was no way I was going to use it that late at night.  So the next time that I am doing my hair , I will definitely try it.  I opted for 2 strand twist again  which is my signature style these days.  I love them because I can do so many things with them.  They are soft and detangled and the 2 strands actually prevent  SSK's for me because of my diligence with Moisture/Sealing .  I know that I am not being super creative with my styles right now but that is fine because I am always slapping a hat on my head to stay warm and protect my tresses.

My hair texture seems like it is getting more and more like the Type 3 womens hair but at the higher alphabet range..  I have people always touching my twists and saying how they love my hair and how soft and coily it is.  I have noticed the texture change as well and I dont know if it is my age (Only 43) or the Medicines that I take that is changing my texture.  My hair is kind of getting Baby ish!  Very Soft but I still can rock a mean Twist out with lots of Definition. Not sure what it is but hey its mine and I will work it and with it, no matter what.   I also still have lots of shrinkage.  I try to keep my hair from being damp throughout the night or going out in the cold with damp hair and open pores due to my resent illness.

I am looking forward to the short week we have this week.  I look forward to 2011... Have you made up your mind as to your New Years Resolutions.  Family, Health, Hair, and Financial.  Let me know what you have planned for 2011.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Loving Your Natural Hair

Happy Monday,

I love my natural hair and all the fine strands that it consists of.   I love how easily detangled it is since I learned the proper way to detangle.  I love the curly/kinky/coilyness of my hair.  I don't know if my hair would have been the same texture if I had done this in my 20's or 30's but now it is what it is.  Would I love my natural texture if my Kitchen was 4C or my hairline had BDB's  around it.   I can't really say.  All I can speak on is what I have now since I have gone natural.  My hair texture is 3C/4A/4B  shoot, I don't know but it is extra soft and never too kinky.  I can get SSK's if I do not take my twists out correctly or if I do not keep those coily ends moisturized.

This weekend I wore my twists in various styles and with it cold outside my hats were in Effect!  I plan on continuing my protective styling with twists and updo's in the hopes of retaining length and seeing my hairs full potential.  I know I have to keep my ends protected and moisturized and that is key.  Even though they are not tucked, they are always kept very moist and I have no problem moistening and smoothing the ends to reduce SSK's.  I would like to achieve a full 3 inches of growth by April.... We will see how that goes.

Here are a couple pics of my hair today.  Since wearing the turtleneck, I decided to twist and tuck the back of my hair and hold in place with 2 black flower clips.   Also I pinned the front to one side...that's my sexy look...LOL.   Hope you enjoy the blog and the pics.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Got some Wine Colored Highlights Yesterday

Well I have been debating on highlights ( a Wine Color) for some time now and finally went and had them done.   Although I only let them lighten about 2 levels...they came out pretty good.

Now of course, I put my two strand twists (medium) back in and will be splitting these into minis probably tonight.  Thank you Temy at Essentials in Laurel Maryland ( she is a great stylist and hair care beautician.  Always great products and very gentle with the strands.  I got a great deep conditioning too.   The color took well except for my ends that had Black from my box coloring I had done earlier this year.  Just wanted a little spice to my Protective styling. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Well I finally took down the Mini twists! Wash Day!

Happy Monday,

I finally took down the mini twists and it really was not bad at all.   I did not have a lot of breakage and minimal shedding.  I had not washed my Hair since Nov. 12th (sick/hospitalized) so I finally got a chance to do it.  Here is what I did:

1. Saturated my hair for a prepoo with Suave Professionals Humectant Conditioner.
2. Finger combed and tried to remove shed hair.
3 Put my hair in 6 big twists.  Detangling and removing more shed hair with my Shower Comb and Denman and adding Olive Oil and retwisting each section.
4. Placed a plastic cap on my head and took a 3 hour nap. (LOL)

I did not use a shampoo bar but instead added water and cleaned my scalp and rinsed the hair.

5. I used my Oyins Honey Hemp Conditioner on each section and rinsed.
6.  I then applied a quarter size dollop of Honey Hemp for a leave in and put my Mico Head Wrap on my hair.

My hair was undeniably soft and fluffy.  I took the head wrap off and my hair was just damp.  I then took each section and split it into at least 5 twist after adding some Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade and Whipped pudding .  I was too tired to do my mini twists so I decide to do a twist out for Monday.   I took my blow dryer on warm and just let the warm air dry my twists even more ( To eliminate any still being wet in the Morning).  Put my satin bonnet on and went to bed.

Well this morning when I took my Satin bonnet off, some of those twists were facing the wrong direction so I quickly twisted them with some of the straighter ones to try to train them while I completed getting myself ready for work.   I then removed the twists for a very nice twist out.  I twisted and pinned the front and sides back and just had the twist out in the back.   This style will hold me for a day, while I decide whether to get Highlights on Tuesday before I do my mini-twists again.

I was very thrilled with the fact that I had no problem taking out my mini twists and no apparent breakage.  I did have about 3 single strand knots that I craftfully detangled or cut out.  Overall, I think my mini twists are here to stay.   I will see if I have a pic to post of the twist out.

Monday, December 6, 2010

MEAC Bowling All Weekend! Go Coppin State!

Happy Monday,

Its been a long weekend sitting in the bowling alley watching NCAA Bowling.   My daughter is a member of Coppin State University's bowling team.  The bowled from 11-6 on Sat and Sunday 730-12:30.  I tell you I was tired of sitting and watching.   The girls do make it interesting but as an Avid Bowler myself.... that is too much watching.

I did nothing with my hair this weekend.   Same style pinned to one side in the front.  I will be doing a Wash Day on Friday after work.   I want to give my pores time to close and be able to take my time.  I will finally try to use the BNB Conditioning Mask this week.   I haven't decided how I am going to where my hair just yet... but with the dress my Sister picked up from Macy's.... a updo with cinnamon buns and a nice band... would be cute.

I finally bowled 4 games yesterday to see how my breathing and stamina is since my pneumonia.   Went pretty well but I was sweating like a pig.   I am going to have to watch..opening my pores and going out in this Cold 30 something weather.   My hair was pretty soaked too.   I will have to take my loc soc so that when I am finished I can put that on before I put my hat on.   Double protection.

Well that is all for right now.   Just preparing my daughter for finals so that she can have her semester break and I can stop all this running.   She will be staying on campus next semester...... This should be interesting and it will also be better for me.... Rest wise.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feeling Oh So Sexy and Good with my Mini Twist Do!

Well I am here sitting at my desk feeling absolutely luscious in my mini twists.   I have been getting many compliments and people think I went to the salon to have them done.  I am still wearing the Super-Sexy pinned to one side (at least in the front).  A friend asked me if I had a strawset and I said nope.... water spritz/aloe/EVCO and let it curl/coil.  She seemed to have this look like "Yeah Right".  The Battles of a Natural...LOL.

I am absolutely loving the Oyin Whipped Pudding ( and the Franks Juice.  I ordered some samples/travel sizes of the burnt sugar pomade and the honey wash when they had their Cyber Monday sale.  The Oyin Whipped Pudding has all the great stuff for Hair and skin (Head to Toe).  It doesn't take much to get that fantastic moisture in your skin with a heavenly glow.    Normally I could fry chicken on my face by Mid-day but not with this.  My face stays moisturized and not oily at all.   Of course, I use this in conjunction with my Chagrin Valley Rhassoul Clay & Yogurt soap which is the BOMB-DIGGITY.   The Whipped pudding has Cocoa Butter & Aloe and let me tell you... it clears any blemishes and dark spots.  I also used a bit on the ends of my two-strand twists.  So light and fluffy and Effective.   Please Order yourself a Sample/Travel Pack...... just to try.  Really I wish they made an even Bigger Container of the Whipped Pudding.   Whoa, just typing about it made me whip out my Gregs Juice and give my hair a bit of a Spritz.