Monday, December 27, 2010

Why do I wait until 9:30 pm on Sunday to make it Wash Day?

Well Happy Holidays to All,

It was very nice having family and friends over for Christmas Brunch and we had fun, great conversation and wonderful food.  Courtesy of My Cooking Skills.

Well I don't know why I wait to Wash and Style my hair until 930-10pm at night but it seems like I always do.   Of course my twisting session/wash consisted of me pre-pooing, washing with Oyin Handmade's Honey Wash and  Honey Hemp Conditioner.  I tell you that stuff is magnificent.... at least for my hair.   I decided to make Sunday my Wash Day this week because I had really let my hair go over the Holiday and with Hats and all... needed to be redone.   I never get the itchy or dry scalp that others speak of but that is probably because I keep my hair and scalp well moisturized with aloe vera gel, coconut oil and olive & soybean oil.

My Wonderful Sister bought me a Steamer for Christmas and I cant wait to use it.  There was no way I was going to use it that late at night.  So the next time that I am doing my hair , I will definitely try it.  I opted for 2 strand twist again  which is my signature style these days.  I love them because I can do so many things with them.  They are soft and detangled and the 2 strands actually prevent  SSK's for me because of my diligence with Moisture/Sealing .  I know that I am not being super creative with my styles right now but that is fine because I am always slapping a hat on my head to stay warm and protect my tresses.

My hair texture seems like it is getting more and more like the Type 3 womens hair but at the higher alphabet range..  I have people always touching my twists and saying how they love my hair and how soft and coily it is.  I have noticed the texture change as well and I dont know if it is my age (Only 43) or the Medicines that I take that is changing my texture.  My hair is kind of getting Baby ish!  Very Soft but I still can rock a mean Twist out with lots of Definition. Not sure what it is but hey its mine and I will work it and with it, no matter what.   I also still have lots of shrinkage.  I try to keep my hair from being damp throughout the night or going out in the cold with damp hair and open pores due to my resent illness.

I am looking forward to the short week we have this week.  I look forward to 2011... Have you made up your mind as to your New Years Resolutions.  Family, Health, Hair, and Financial.  Let me know what you have planned for 2011.

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