Monday, December 13, 2010

Well I finally took down the Mini twists! Wash Day!

Happy Monday,

I finally took down the mini twists and it really was not bad at all.   I did not have a lot of breakage and minimal shedding.  I had not washed my Hair since Nov. 12th (sick/hospitalized) so I finally got a chance to do it.  Here is what I did:

1. Saturated my hair for a prepoo with Suave Professionals Humectant Conditioner.
2. Finger combed and tried to remove shed hair.
3 Put my hair in 6 big twists.  Detangling and removing more shed hair with my Shower Comb and Denman and adding Olive Oil and retwisting each section.
4. Placed a plastic cap on my head and took a 3 hour nap. (LOL)

I did not use a shampoo bar but instead added water and cleaned my scalp and rinsed the hair.

5. I used my Oyins Honey Hemp Conditioner on each section and rinsed.
6.  I then applied a quarter size dollop of Honey Hemp for a leave in and put my Mico Head Wrap on my hair.

My hair was undeniably soft and fluffy.  I took the head wrap off and my hair was just damp.  I then took each section and split it into at least 5 twist after adding some Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade and Whipped pudding .  I was too tired to do my mini twists so I decide to do a twist out for Monday.   I took my blow dryer on warm and just let the warm air dry my twists even more ( To eliminate any still being wet in the Morning).  Put my satin bonnet on and went to bed.

Well this morning when I took my Satin bonnet off, some of those twists were facing the wrong direction so I quickly twisted them with some of the straighter ones to try to train them while I completed getting myself ready for work.   I then removed the twists for a very nice twist out.  I twisted and pinned the front and sides back and just had the twist out in the back.   This style will hold me for a day, while I decide whether to get Highlights on Tuesday before I do my mini-twists again.

I was very thrilled with the fact that I had no problem taking out my mini twists and no apparent breakage.  I did have about 3 single strand knots that I craftfully detangled or cut out.  Overall, I think my mini twists are here to stay.   I will see if I have a pic to post of the twist out.

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