Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feeling Oh So Sexy and Good with my Mini Twist Do!

Well I am here sitting at my desk feeling absolutely luscious in my mini twists.   I have been getting many compliments and people think I went to the salon to have them done.  I am still wearing the Super-Sexy pinned to one side (at least in the front).  A friend asked me if I had a strawset and I said nope.... water spritz/aloe/EVCO and let it curl/coil.  She seemed to have this look like "Yeah Right".  The Battles of a Natural...LOL.

I am absolutely loving the Oyin Whipped Pudding ( and the Franks Juice.  I ordered some samples/travel sizes of the burnt sugar pomade and the honey wash when they had their Cyber Monday sale.  The Oyin Whipped Pudding has all the great stuff for Hair and skin (Head to Toe).  It doesn't take much to get that fantastic moisture in your skin with a heavenly glow.    Normally I could fry chicken on my face by Mid-day but not with this.  My face stays moisturized and not oily at all.   Of course, I use this in conjunction with my Chagrin Valley Rhassoul Clay & Yogurt soap which is the BOMB-DIGGITY.   The Whipped pudding has Cocoa Butter & Aloe and let me tell you... it clears any blemishes and dark spots.  I also used a bit on the ends of my two-strand twists.  So light and fluffy and Effective.   Please Order yourself a Sample/Travel Pack...... just to try.  Really I wish they made an even Bigger Container of the Whipped Pudding.   Whoa, just typing about it made me whip out my Gregs Juice and give my hair a bit of a Spritz.


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