Monday, December 6, 2010

MEAC Bowling All Weekend! Go Coppin State!

Happy Monday,

Its been a long weekend sitting in the bowling alley watching NCAA Bowling.   My daughter is a member of Coppin State University's bowling team.  The bowled from 11-6 on Sat and Sunday 730-12:30.  I tell you I was tired of sitting and watching.   The girls do make it interesting but as an Avid Bowler myself.... that is too much watching.

I did nothing with my hair this weekend.   Same style pinned to one side in the front.  I will be doing a Wash Day on Friday after work.   I want to give my pores time to close and be able to take my time.  I will finally try to use the BNB Conditioning Mask this week.   I haven't decided how I am going to where my hair just yet... but with the dress my Sister picked up from Macy's.... a updo with cinnamon buns and a nice band... would be cute.

I finally bowled 4 games yesterday to see how my breathing and stamina is since my pneumonia.   Went pretty well but I was sweating like a pig.   I am going to have to watch..opening my pores and going out in this Cold 30 something weather.   My hair was pretty soaked too.   I will have to take my loc soc so that when I am finished I can put that on before I put my hat on.   Double protection.

Well that is all for right now.   Just preparing my daughter for finals so that she can have her semester break and I can stop all this running.   She will be staying on campus next semester...... This should be interesting and it will also be better for me.... Rest wise.

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