Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hair Consultation -Stylist Followup

Well, Monday I went to the Natural Hair Salon for a hair consultation to see if this is a place I would like to get my hair done at least once a month or so.

The owner/operator was very professional however I thought she would have done more looking and feeling of my hair.   She sat across the room which I felt was a little unfriendly and talked about trimming every 6-8 weeks and deep conditioning.   Now I have no need to trim every 6-8 if my ends are fine but deep conditioning... I can dig that.  

I spoke of a few products that I had been using and she just didnt seem that knowledgeable about some.   Although you may not use those products, your clientele may want you to use their products and you should be able to educate them on those products if you think their not good for their hair.   I truly believe she is more a stylist than a true natural hair care provider.

I would love to have someone that talks more like a kimmaytube on moisture and protein balance and ph balance.   Someone who talks about my texture and what my hair needs and not just "Are you impartial to adding hair to your twist updos?"   I do want a stylist for those times that I may want to treat myself or have a function to go to.  Her lateness/cancellation policy was awesome and her hair color swatches and recommendations were good.

I guess I will go to her next Friday and see what she comes up with.  If not, I will be researching and trying again!

Also, last night I washed and twisted my hair and it is beautiful.   I have fallen in Love with the Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp.  I used the shine and define and whipped pudding to twist, after also using a bit of honey hemp conditioner as a leave-in.   Of course before tie down I put some aloe vera gel on it as well and coconut oil and Vitamin E this morning.   Looking Hot, Hot , Hot!

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