Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Twists

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This past Saturday I did two strand twists with Flat twists in the front.   I have really been thinking about locing my hair and seeing the inspirations on Nappturality Forum has gotten me very motivated.   My Manfriend and my daughter likes the versatility of working with my natural curls and do not want me to loc.   I would like to try it and if later decide its not for me, then "take them down".  Jury is still out but for now i will rock my two strands for a while.

My goal is to get to shoulder length even with the shrinkage that my hair type has.  I want to experiment with updo's and shoulder length will give me enough hair to try a variety of styles.

This was my weekend regimen for two strand twist/flats :

Shampoo with Ayurveda Shampoo Bar
Deep Condition with ORS
Detangled  (Did not like the shedding)
Condition with None of your frizziness
Applied some Shida Natural Moisturizer
Two Strand Twisted with Coconut Oil/ Hair Butter (by a local entreprenuer, Balto. hair expo)

Every night I put 5 large twist to try to retain my length after applying some coconut oil, then put my satin bonnet/scarf on.

Tuesday - Wet hair with Water enough for the ends to Curl.  My hair of course showed signs of shrinkage about 2 1/2 inches work but that is okay.  

Usually my goal is 7 days of twists and 7 days of twist out.  Usually there is major shedding after low manipulation for that many days for me so I may just leave the twists in until I am ready to retwist.
I would like to try to keep it twisted or protective styled to get maximum retention of whatever growth pattern my hair has.

The main thing is to keep single strand knots out of my hair by keeping my hair moisturized and detangled.

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