Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Even in the Womens Restroom, We talk about Natural Hair!

Today while at work I met a lady name Karen who has a nice short cut but still uses perm to texturize.  Every time I see her we have conversation in the ladies room about Natural hair.   She says she would like to be a natural hair stylist but until she gets the nerve to go natural herself, she doesnt feel comfortable trying to be a natural hair stylist.   What do you think?

I know that when we go to a stylist we are always looking at how they keep their hair.  If they dont do theirs then they surely cant do mine.   They are a walking advertisement for their skill level.    Well my natural hair stylist is Loc'd so does that mean she cant do Loose Natural Hair.... I think Not!

I hope eventually Karen finds her way to the Natural side of hair styling/care.  Leave those straight , sprayed hard curls alone and let her natural hair do what it do!

I am still rocking my two strand twists... and each morning I spray them down with Water and rub Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Gel on them and let the ends curl.  I get alot of compliments and when I do my twist out..... Rocking!!!!!!

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