Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coconut Oil is the BOMBDIGGITY!

Coconut Oil is the bombdiggity.   I have been using it (Parachute 100% Coconut Oil) for the past month and let me tell you.....Wow.  I have been using it mainly as a prepoo/deep conditioner and in addition to my Aloe Vera gel (moisturizer).

I was looking on Naturally Curly today and there was an article about creating your regimen and two of my favs was on there.   Aloe Vera for Moisturizing and Coconut Oil for Sealant.   Coconut oil penetrates the hair strand and it makes your hair extra soft and  fluffy.   The two combined keeps my frizz at a minimum and is the perfect combo for my twists.   I also spritz water/peppermint to just moisten as well prior to using the aloe vera on each strand, then I use coconut oil and a little vitamin E to seal.   The vitamin E is good for the Thin edges (hairline) that I am nursing after my years of slapping that creamy crack and letting it sit on them.

I am really contemplating a 6 month protective style challenge.  After my natural hair consultation on Monday, I think I will begin with a good trim/dusting if necessary and then I will begin my protective styling.  Maybe with an appt with Jennifer to get my hair done by her.  I think she gives 15% off your first visit.

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