Monday, September 20, 2010

Shedding or Breakage

Good Morning,

Last week I wore a twist out of the two strand twists that I kept in for about 10 days.   This morning I decided to wash and detangle my hair and boy did it shed.   I will have to inspect the hairs to see if it truly was shed or breakage.

I am thinking about going to a natural hair salon to get a true consultation.   I really want to make sure my hair is healthy and its growing at my personal growth rate.

This weekend I went to oyin handmade and bought a sample pack.   On Friday I bought Aveda's Be Curly curl enhancer and humectant promade as well.   I have bought these products but I am just not sure if I am using all these properly or whether I have everything -moisturizer and sealants.

I am not going to buy any new products and try to put my hair in cute protective styles after the consultation.   Now to figure out which place will be best to try.  I know it can be expensive but gotta spend some money at least to get the right information and then from there... we will see.

Once a month salon visits, shouldnt hurt the pockets too much.

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