Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introduction to Me!

Hi Everyone,
My name is Yvette and I am from Maryland.  I have been natural since January 2009 and absolutely loving my natural hair.   I am still in the process of learning what my hair loves and needs to continue to grow and be its healthiest.   I did not do a typical big chop but did a small transition period following a major hair cut due to breakage.  I continued to slightly perm my hair until I realized that it was not necessary and basically put micro plaits in my hair for 3 months then removed and cut the remaining 1/2 inch of perm off. 

Since the final cut of perm, I have really appreciated the natural curl pattern and the ease of managing my hair.  The trial and error period for me is still not over.   I have found lots of products that I like but have not nailed down a true regimen.

Products and oils that work well with my 4a hair ( I guess that is the correct type)

CD Hair Milk                                                    Trader Joes Nourishing Spa
Vatika Oil                                                           Aloe Vera Gel
Coconut Oil                                                        Shida Naturals Moisturizer
Avocado Oil                                                       Garnier Frutise Sleek N Shine Leave-In Condish
HE Hello Hydration Condish                              Garnier Triple Nutrition Avocado, shea & Olive spray
HE Totally Twisted Condish                              Shea Butter Concoctions ( with Essential Oils)
HE None of Your Frizziness Condish                 Olive Oil
Chagrin Valley Ayurveda Herb Shampoo Bar

I have yet to try KCC but have tried Miss Jessie's Early in my journey but wanted to find products that were a little simple and easy to find and local convenience stores.   I did not want to get hooked on expensive online products and my hair seems to like a "Less is More" maintenance.  

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