Monday, October 18, 2010

Hair is still looking GOOD!

Happy Monday,

My hair is still in my 2 strand flat twist with bun from my Salon visit and I am still getting great compliments.   I am kind of getting board with it and want to play in my hair...LOL.

I am still thinking about getting a bit of color highlights and a trim and deep conditioning on my next visit to a salon.  I want a bit of color to add a little bling to my hairstyles.   I just haven't totally decided on the color or who to get to do it.

I am holding on to this style at least until Friday but I cant wait to get my hands back in my hair.  I know that kind of goes against the protective styling/low manipulation but I figure, I will still do the protective style but it will be something that is flowing a little more.   Maybe some two strands pinned.

Well not much to report except a weekend that went to fast.   On Sunday I had RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and that was very irritating during the day and made for a very restless night.  I think I am going to have to do some exercising and stretching to combat that.   Also possibly getting a new cushion for my sitting chair may help to take the pressure off of some of the trigger points that are in my Booty that may be triggering the nerves to respond with annoying sensations.

Will post tomorrow about not spending money on eating out!   Spending too much money on fast food after looking at my bank statement.  Gotta make a challenge out of that and record my meals.   Might as well pair it with a bit of smaller meals and better food choices.   Until tomorrow...... Enjoy!

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