Saturday, November 27, 2010


Good Evening and Many Blessings,

Today I went to ExittheApple and bought my Oyin Handmade products.   Included in this haul were the following:  16 oz Honey Hemp Condish, 2 Large Whipped Puddings, 1 Med Whipped Shea,  Franks Juice and got them all for $63 tax included. 

Now I had the sample pack that had Honey Hemp, whipped Pudding, shine and Define and Gregs Juice.  I bought that for about $10 and I think its an awesome sample pack.  The Shine and Define was nice with the whipped pudding for twisting but was really light and I have seen a little better product for my hair.   The whipped pudding is Awesome for hair and body.  I use it on my face after using my Rhassoul Clay Soap and it does not feel greasy but moisturized and gives a Natural glow.. Has Cocoa butter and Aloe which are great regenerators for skin.   I loved the Gregs Juice which is a refresher and decided to get the larger one and use the small one for carrying in my purse.   The Honey Hemp... although a humectant is so wonderful with detangling my fine curly hair and can be used to Deep Condition or as a leave in.  Its not super thick and has a shelf life of 3-6 months so I decided to just buy the 16 oz because since I have been sick, I am reducing the number of hair washing to maybe ever 2-3 weeks.  I dont use alot of products that buildup so this should not create any problems and the use of protective styling will only help as well with moisture and keeping my hair from the SSK and detangling sessions.  The Honey Hemp will be kept in the refrigerator along with my BNB Conditioning Mask that I have not used yet.  I think I will try both of these the next Hair Wash Day.

Its getting windy and chilly here in Maryland so I did find me a Loc Soc $6.99 (replica) at the Beauty Supply Store as well as picked up a few hats.  I am ready to work these and use the loc soc for keeping my twists tamed as I sleep as well as wearing it under my hats to protect my hair and keep my head nice and warm .  Now just need some more scarfs and gloves.  This Christmas, I hope someone buy me a nice Hat /Glove/Scarf Set.  I love those types of gifts.

I am anxious to work my protective styles that I have been reviewing on YT since I have had Cabin Fever between the hospital and at home.  I want to take care of my hair and show these folks that Natural Hair Care and Maintenance is Rewarding and Absolutely Liberating, Cute and Sexy.  Not just for people with "Good Hair" although I've been told that is what I have...LMBO.

Have a great Saturday and a Blessed Sunday.

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