Friday, April 27, 2012

Curly Girl Method: Let's Jam Flexible Hold Creme Gel

Well my curly girl method is coming along very nicely.   There are a slew of women on Youtube partaking in the curly girl challenge.  Jcokes and Mahoganycurls are two of the most influential at this time.  Jcokes is doing hers with Dessert Essence Coconut Conditioner for Cowashing and Devacurl One Conditioner for Leave-In and Styling.   Mahoganycurls utilizes Tresemme Naturals Aloe and Avocado moisture conditioner and Devacurl One Conditioner and the past week has brought to her viewers attention a product named

Lets Jam Flexible Hold Creme Gel

This Stuff is Amazing.  Amazing Hold , reduces Frizz and Ultra Moisturizing.

 Of Course I had to give it a try... The product Junkie in me!

This product gives great shine and has great slip.  After cowashing my hair with any of my Sulfate Free Conditioners.  I may apply a bit of leave-in.  I apply a bit of product all over my hair, then begin to shingle or rake my fingers through my hair adding additional product where needed.  With this product you don't have to worry about creating frizz but this product helps the "clumping".   I then shake my head back and forth side to side, front to back and then defuse slightly to aid the drying process.  

This product gives a very flexible soft HOLD with Fluff and Body/Volume to the hair. Your hair will still have great movement and the product reactivates with water.  So far multiday hair has not been a problem.
Even on a rainy afternoon I had a Good Hair Day!  A little of this product goes a long way and can be used on wet or dry hair.  I prefer it with a bit of leave in and on soaking wet hair.  This product makes your hair feel very light and is great to use all the way to the roots of your hair without feeling build up.   

I went to the Walgreens and bought 2 more jars.   I am going to try it on my daughters hair which is even thicker/dense and see if it helps make her hair feel lighter and fluffier.   This product ranges from $3-$6 in most stores and I found mine in target for $5.79.   Give it a try... its not all natural but there are no sulfates, cones or petroleum.

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  1. Your hair is truly loving the CG method and it looks great on you. I have to say many hare happy with it. I'm not a PJ but love the Let's Jam gel that I used to used back in the day so I WILL be giving that custard cream gel a try in the near future.

    Don't feel bad about gaining the weight back. It happens but at least your are back on track. I've got my sister's wedding coming up in November and I ain't lost a lick of weight yet!!! I'm in the same boat as you and trying hard to get off sugar by the end of the month to start me off back into losing weight and exercising.