Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hair Cut/Colored and Back to Curly!

The back really looks Short here...

Yep, you read it correctly.... CUT!  I kept blogging about how I was not happy with the health of the ends of my hair after last summers highlight fiasco.  Well I decided to do something about it. 

Last Friday I left work to get a "Trim"... Well while there at the hair salon I decided to get a Demi Color in Black and a Cut.   I took about 5-6 inches of hair off all the way around... maybe more...LOL.  I wanted to get to the more healthy area of my hair strands and that is certainly what I did.   I have more length on top and shorter on the sides and back.  It is going to take a little time to get used to but hey... I have time.

I also decided to step away from protective styling for a while.   I have decided to go back to being a true "Curly Girl".  I am back to washing and going and letting my curls just do what they do.  In my first year & 1/2 this is what I did and my hair flourished.  It was always super soft, not very frizzy and it grew like a weed.   I never suffered with SSK's and tangles and detangling was a breeze.(always is).
For the style in these photos, I basically cowashed with Tresseme Naturals Moisture Conditioner, rinsed partially out and added a bit of EVOO and used the Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle as my finisher.  Since it is still a bit chilly in the morning.  I diffused on warm and cool with my head bent over to create some Volume and stand my Curls upward and once 75% dry I put a bit of Oil on my hair and that was it.  Instant hair do with a nice cut.

I don't know why it looks like I am gritting my teeth

I plan on going the whole summer styling my hair curly and can't wait to see what the Winter will bring. 

Curl Junkie will be having a 20% off sale April 6th & 7th.  So a great time to try their products.  I already have a wish list of Pattern Pusha and maybe another Curls in a Bottle or a Curl Rehab..Deep Conditioner.
I really plan on shelving a few of my twisting products unless I go for a twist out.  I have a bottle of  Curly Solutions " Curl keeper" that I plan on using this summer as well and some Ecco Styler Blue.

I tell you, in the last 6 days of having my hair cut...and doing my Curly Girl Method.. my hair is feeling WONDERFUL and it used to almost 2 years ago.  The President/Owner of my company said she really likes my hair that way and loves seeing all the natural Sistas in the Office (I work for a Black Owned Comany) .   We only have 1 lady that is not natural in our office.  That is 1 out of the 12 women.
She and I talked about when we had a group of Inner City Youths (30 of them) come for a Technology workshop from Carver Vocational Technical High School in Balitmore at our company and how they got to see Beautiful Natural Black Women in a professional atmosphere and know it was OK.

I think being Natural is a bit more self acceptance and self awareness that is not duplicated in any other race of people.  In a society that looks to Europeans for Beauty... it takes alot to be a Black Natural Woman.

Created a bit of Frizz this morning but totally Accepted!

I plan on keeping things simple and enjoying this freedom.  I will be blogging and keeping you updated on how my hair is progressing, styling and products.


  1. Your hair looks GREAT!!! I love it. I'm like you with the ease of Wash and Go's and no tangles. No protective styling for me either and will be a curly girl over the Summer with you. It really looks great on you and glad you are happy with it.

  2. I useTresemme Naturals too. I looove that conditioner!

  3. I really like your curls! Nothing wrong with taking a break from the protective styles and going back to what worked for you before. I really notice your face with this cute and I know what you mean about beauty standards. Spot on.

  4. Nice! I love the shape of the new cut!