Monday, April 16, 2012

Curly Girl Method - Deva Curl Line (Oh the Product Junkie in Me!)

My hair and Scalp is loving this.... I have Zero Scalp Showing in my Curly State!

Hey Naturalistas,

As you all know I am a bit of a product junkie and this week's buy was products from the Deva Curl Line
This was a very expensive purchase but I figured I would give it a try.  I purchased the following:

1.  12oz Deva Curl No Poo
2.  32 oz Deva Curl One Conditioner
3.  3 oz Deva Curl Set it Free
4.  8 oz Deva Curl Heaven in Hair
5.  3 oz Deva Curl AnGel

We won't even begin to talk about how much all of this line cost.   The Curly Girl Method which was introduced by Lorraine Massey who is also the developer of these products, is a method that typically takes about 4-6 weeks for to Maximal Hydration.  Maximal Hydration is a state that your hair is fully hydrated, minimal to no frizz.

As all Curlies know, Hydration is key to healthy curls.  Healthy in that the curls have elasticity, shine/sheen, smoothness.... Just Luscious.  This is what I am looking for as well as low manipulation.

I am attempting two things with this Curly Girl Method.

1.  Bring life and vibrance back to my curly hair- Healthy Head of Hair
2.  Cut back on the products that I purchase and make my regimen simple.

I have a box full of product right now and I am not saying that I will not use it.   But during this spring, summer and fall.  I would like to keep things simple.

1.  Cowash 3-4 times a week ( My hair & Scalp loves H2O)
2.  Deep Condition Weekly
3.  Trim Every 3-4 months (if Necessary)
4.  Reduce my Product Junkyism (sp) by finding a product Perfect for My Hair.

Although I am wearing my hair curly I have noticed that I am not having to detangle my hair as often as well as I am not getting SSKs.   Earlier in my journey my hair flourished with Cowashing daily and leaving conditioner in my hair.  Although at the time I was using alot of Herbal Essence None of your Frizziness which I don't believe is a "Curly Girl " approved product (cones).  My hair doesn't really mind cones in the curly state and the cones typically lock in the moisture, because of the daily cowashing.  

Right now I am cowashing daily either using the Tressemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner or the Deva Curl One mixed with a bit of Heaven and Hair.   I am hoping that I will be able to see fantastic results in the next 4 weeks although I have already noticed quite a change in the amount of frizz and for definition of my curls and coils.

I will keep you all posted and hopefully you won't get bored with me.  I have a lot more information to learn about the curly girl method and plan on buying the book from Walmart.  Eventually I may go and get a Deva Cut after I reach Maximal Hydration....LOL.

P.S.  I am loving the Pattern Pusha by Curl Junkie (a little goes a long way) and using that with the Deva Curl products in place of the Deva Curl AnGel.  All my Curl Junkie products are Curly Girl approved.  I am retaining all my KBB products as well for Twisting, Coiling, Etc.  when I get back to doing those styles.


  1. The only devacurl product I have tried so far is the No-Poo. I really like it! I want to try the One Condition but the price is so high and I go through a lot of conditioner. Maybe one day I'll splurge.

  2. I haven't tried the Curly Girl method nor that line of products but I must say it is looking great on you! One of these days I might break down and try the method. I love co-washing and my hair thrives on it also.