Thursday, April 5, 2012

Curly Girl Method - Loving it !

Hey all,

I am really enjoying my curly girl method again.  Although it takes 4-8 weeks to truly get your hair to adjust, my hair is adjusting quickly and remembering what its suppose to do. (LOL).

Last night before bed I put Vatika Oil and Oyin Hair Dew on my hair and Baggyed and Bonneted.(sp)  When I got in the shower in the morning I rinsed then applied Tressemme Naturals moisture Conditioner with Aloe and Avocado.   I rinsed partially then applied EVOO and topped with a Bit of Aloe Vera Liquidy Gel from Butters n Bars.   I then Diffuse to about 75% dryness and scrunch EO.  I diffuse bent over to get the top of my hair which is longer to stand and scrunch for definition.

I have yet to even try to get 2nd or 3rd day hair because my hair just loves to be wet everyday.  Also I am giving it time for the frizz to tame during my transition phase. 

I am really loving the cut of my hair and would think to go a bit shorter.  With shrinkage this will be fine for a while.  As it grows, I will have to keep the crown area from growing too much to get it to continue standing.  That is all down the line... for now... Enjoying the freedom and the look of my tresses.  With the warm weather looming.... its going to be a Great Summer with this hair!

Now just to get this weight back off me.  


  1. The curly girl method is the best way I've found for taming my frizz! I looove it!

  2. I'm looking forward to following your hair this summer with your WNGs.

  3. Your hair looks good. Clearly the moisture is benefiting so why do something different.

  4. That cut really compliments your face. I'm glad to see you are having fun with it and it's a funky, snazzy style for the summer.