Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 Weeks and Haven't Washed My Hair

two strand twists

I know the title grabbed a bit of your attention and yes, I have not washed my hair in over 2 weeks.
My hair is still responding as well as my scalp is Itch Free.   That may be because I have not overwhelmed my hair with a bunch of product.

I started off with a normal twist out and one day at the McDonald's Drive through began to twist my hair.  I must say that my twists on dry without any extra product were very plush and soft.   Of course that meant that they only lasted for me about a week before I decided to do a twist out.  I did moisturize my twists within the first week with a bit of Oyin hair Dew and some Aloe Vera gel and some Jojoba oil on the ends.   I am really falling in love again with the Jojoba and Vitamin E oils.

My hair begun to get a little (lot) fuzzy in the twist and so I decided to twist out and did not do any retwisting.   My hair has transformed in to an afro. with curls.

I have been so lazy this week and as long as the hair was moisturized I just have not cared to primp the style.   I haven't even worn my bonnet in the last 3 nights.

Of course this laziness will not continue and I will be doing my hair tonight!  I have to bowl Wednesday and Thursday and know it is going to be a long night so I will not have time to do it either of those days.

I tell you,  I am glad I work for a Black Owned Company.  People do not look at you strangely if every hair is not in its place.  Every Woman in this office except for one person is a Woman of color and Natural.   What are the odds of that happening.  Even my CEO who is a BLACK WOMAN has a very short TWA and is Beautiful.

I enjoy the freedom that comes in an environment like that.  You are allowed to be You.

Well I will put pics up of my hair after wash day.  Also, BTW, I am putting crochet braids in my daughters hair this week and will include a pic of her hair as well.


  1. Good luck bowling and I would love to see pics or the crochet braids.

  2. I'm not one to care too much what other people at work think about my hair. I might hear an off comment, but I will either gently put someone in their place, decide not to say anything, or issue a hairy eyeball. I know folks will look at me askance but what I am supposed to do? It's my hair and this is how I'm wearing it. Get with the program.

    Your hair seems to be full from root to tip. Looks great post cut.

  3. Your hair seems to be really healthy so I guess it's whatever works. Greater freedom and more choices is the best part of natural hair.

  4. Your hair looks very nice and healthy
    I nominated you for the versatile blog award