Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Twists that make My Twist outs!

These are the twists that I do nightly to prepare my hair for bed.  I then adorn a satin bonnet and nighty night I go.  It takes me about 30 mins to put these in.  I usually donot use any product just start grabbing smoothing and twisting while I watch TV.  (2012 Olympics).

2nd day hair before fluffing & puffing
My hair is responding very well to the twist outs and the products that I am currently using.  

I stopped by my local Rite Aid and was FLOORED

I could not believe they had an entire isle for Ethnic hair which included products from Kinky Curly to  Jane Carters to Nothing But to Curls Unleashed to Lustrasilk.   They had products I had never heard of or tried.   Of course the product junkie in me wanted to purchase... but I resisted and bought My Laxatives and Arizona Tea.   I shall return!  


  1. I had the same reaction when I walked into a beauty supply I haven't visited in awhile. Totally surprised they had soo many choices now. I thought Kinky Curly was only sold in whole foods.

    1. You can get Kinky Curly at Target. I too am very impressed with the amount of products for "ethnic" hair. Well we do buy 60% of all the beauty products and we are only 20% of the population.

  2. You hair is nice! Yes, I said the same thing when I went to Rite Aid.