Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well its Professional Trim Time

Good Afternoon,

Well this morning I decided to cowash my hair with Suave Shea Almond Conditioner and use some 3 minute Miracle Aussie Moist.  All I can say is WOW!.  My hair feels absolutely terrific.  I used a bit of the Suave (about a quarter size amount) and used as a leave-in.  Plopped my hair with my micro fiber towel and Shook my head back and forth and side to side.   It was incredible how soft and light my hair felt.  My hair was so light that the hair seemed to dry with the swiftness.
Look at this picture of the front of my hair.  The shine and the silky look and feel was wonderful. 

I am absolutely sick of this color in my hair and have decided to die my hair black tonight.  My game plan is to first go to the salon and get a professional Trim then head on  home to do my color, deep conditioning and twisting with SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie ( picked up last night).  I started to borrow some of my Mom's CES but didn't feel like going by her house to pick it up.  I don't even think she is using it very much.
I will do a review on the SM CES next week.   I am going to prepare my hair in 2 strand twists with the intention to do a Banging Twist Out for my Bowling tournament in Cleveland Ohio this weekend.  I was going to go and get a Coil Out at the salon and decided to just get a trim and that is it.  I hate piece mealing my Salon's services but I like the trims Temy (stylist...Essential Spa & Beauty) gives me and do not want to spend unnecessary money on hairstyles that I do just as well as the professionals.

I will post pictures tomorrow of my twists and Black hair color.

Back to the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle.  When I first put this in my hair I noticed the consistency was very Thick.  I absolutely loved it.  I could feel my hair feeling smooth yet curly and with a lightness to it.  When I rinsed the hair and began to shake my head, I could feel the light coily hair just moving side to side up and down.  Not even the water seemed to weigh my hair down.

Suave Shea Almond (Old Formula) and Suave Humectant (Old formula) are still some great Inexpensive but Effective conditioners for cowashing.  I like the combo with the Aussie Moist but I guess in all fairness I will have to try the Aussie Moist Conditioner (comes with a Pump top) . To seal the moisture, I used a small amount of Vatika/Coconut Oil .  My hair has felt light and moist all day without an enormous amount of Frizziness.

I love my Oyin honey hemp conditioner but in a pinch, I know I can get Suave and Aussie Moist at almost any local Walgreens, CVS, Target or Walmart.  Its always nice to have a back up list of effective products.  Also it is fun (when successful) to experiment with "On the Ground" products to see if its the products or the regimen (consistency) that is making the most impact on retaining healthy hair.

By the way, Birthday was Last Friday and didnt do very much but I will be having a good time in Cleveland this Weekend!


  1. I got try that shea stuff. I use my little concoction I made to moisture my hair, but sometimes it doesn't do the trick. Thank for sharing. Hope the trim works out.

  2. Thanks Babe. The Trim was wonderful as usual. Ends and hair feel really good right now.