Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flat Twists.... My Easy Go to Style!

Good Morning Yal,

I have been really lazy with updating my blog but I am trying to make sure that I post at least once or twice a week.  I love checking other peoples blogs/vlogs everyday and just can't find that much that I really would want to say on a blog everyday.

Everyday, I am in love with my hair.  Whether its a good hair day or a bad hair day, I know its all on me.  Today and most of last week I was wearing flat twists or twist out of the flat twists.  Until my face totally clears from this allergic reaction to medicine.  I really hate having hair touch my face but then I hate exposing my face totally as well.   The style pictured took all of 20 minutes and seems to be my Quick and Easy go to style the past few weeks.  I think my hair is experiencing a growth phase and I want to be sure to take care of it and nurture and retain the growth.

This Friday, February 11th is my birthday and I am thinking about going to the Salon tomorrow or maybe next week ( I have a bowling tournament in Cleveland, OH).  I love going places and seeing people that I haven't seen in a while and letting them see that I am Natural and my hair is thriving and easily managed.

I have been trying theTaliah Waajid lock it up gel and my Shea/Mango/Aloe concoction and my hair is staying very moisturized.   I dont think I will be repurchasing it but I know I can use it up before the end of the year or give it to my daughter to slick her edges.  The gel doesnt flake and doesnt leave the hair dry at all.  Good Product but I think My concoctions work just fine without the gel.   I like the Oyins Burnt sugar Pomade and my concoction together or the whip pudding and burnt sugar to get my definition from twisting.

I am still enjoing the Greg's juice by Oyin to refresh and cannot wait until the weather breaks to see how my hair responds this spring and summer.  My winter regimen has been helping me retain and keep my hair healthy so I will continue and develop a good spring/summer routine.

I will try to Blog on Friday for my Birthday to say how Blessed I feel for Reaching 44 yrs.  Praise the Lord!

Have a great week.



  1. Oh, I love birthdays! Happy birthday on Friday!! I'm like you; I can't wait to get to spring and summer. Your hair looks great - nice and full -- in those flat twists. And 20 minutes? You can't beat that. V, take a look my Natural Tresses post (January 2011) . . . lots of new comments. You might get a kick out of it. By the way, what is your recipe for your shealoego?

  2. Your concoction, you put Shea/Mango/Aloe. Do you put real mango in your hair? Or a product with mango in it?

    ***Risha's Summersoulful Blog***

  3. Your hair looks great!! I wish I can perfect my flat twists like that!!