Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 2 year Nappyversary to Me!

Happy 2nd Nappyversary to Me!

I could not remember the exact date that I cut off the last 1/2 inch of perm left on my head but I was at a Salon in Columbia Maryland getting 2 strand twists in January 2009.  Therefore I chose to make my Official date 01/31/2009.  That day I set myself totally free.  At that time I believe I had about 2.5 inches of new growth and was not understanding what "type" of hair was growing from my head.  It was all new for those folks around me (peers) as they tried to figure out what the H#LL I was going to do.  Was I gonna Dread my hair?  What ya going to do with Yo Head!

Well I remember loading my hair with alot of oils and products.  That day before leaving the salon I had bought the Sample Pack of Miss Jessie's. (That is what Star had done my TST's with) in addition to the full size shampoo and conditioner ( I still like those but never bought again).  Oh I remember only paying $25 for the Sample Pack which typically runs at least double that price.  I was over-joyed as I went bowling that night and told another Natural about Miss Jessie's.  Well my love for Miss Jessie's began to wear thin because I refused to pay those enormous prices as well as I began to read and participate in forums, follow blogs and watch Youtube Videos.

Since August 2009 I have never had my hair straightened (flat ironed) because I suffered at the hands of my old beautician " Heat Damage" in a few spots of my hair.  I realized that I loved my curls and began to understand that "less is More" when it came to my texture.   I was very scissor happy during this time and wanted cuts so that if I wanted to wear it straight my hair would have a good cut.  I was not as worried about retaining length as I was finding a job (recession), and having a healthy head of hair and healthy body.

2010 was the year that I started really dedicating myself to my health and my hair.  I began even more diligently watching , reading and learning about hair care and "Listening to my Hair".  I also went from Aug-2009 until Nov- 2010 without a trim.  That was not a good idea, as I had to get about an inch and a half cut when I did get a trim.   I decided that I was going to pay closer attention to moisturizing my ends and keeping the Oldest part of my hair free from tangles/knots/dryness. 

I began to do more protective styles as well as began a 6 month challenge to protect my hair from October 2010-March 2010.  I believe my hair has responded well to that challenge and commitment.  I enjoy taking care of my hair and getting the compliments from my friends on how they wish they had " My Hair" whatever that means.  Hopefully that they had the discipline and determination to wear their hair Natural and chemical Free.  I realized that I can do so many more styles as a Natural than what I thought I would be able to, when I first went natural.   I always have Loc Envy but I love my hair Loose as well and sometimes I like the Hassle and Fuss of a Wash Day.

I have a love for seeing others with Natural hair and feel like their is a Bond between us.  Its a look of approval and understanding when meeting an eye of someone who is a Natural.  It is the guy with Dread Locs  who calls you Sis when he say Hello.  Its the Man in your life who runs his fingers through your hair and massages your scalp.  Its Letting Me be Exactly who I am suppose to be..... Me and not caring what others think.   I love being Natural and I love myself with all my Natural Faults.  

Happy Nappyversary to Me!  And the Journey Continues!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Hair Anniversary to you! Congratulations on two years of naturalness!

  2. Congrats! Your hair looks wonderful. Also thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following. I am following yours as well :)