Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Documentary "Good Hair"

This is just a review of the Documentary "Good Hair" by Chris Rock.

I finally watched this video that I had received from a friend.  I thought the documentary was almost a bit demeaning some of the language and jokes regarding women and their hair rituals seemed Paramount to Good Taste.  I do think the movie proved to me that "Going Natural" is what is best for me and for many others.

The Barbershop scene was a bit much for me as a man described "Getting it from the back" of a woman and pulling her weave out as children sat with their mother waiting to get her sons hair cut.  Also the fact that the men in the barbershop was not respectful of this Black Woman or her kids.

One thing about being Black that I have learned is that we definitely like to " Look Good".  In some cases to a fault.  Living in Projects ( or not so good accommodations) yet wearing Designer Clothes and Expensive Weaves/Lace Fronts. I  personally have always liked a man to run his fingers through my hair and never wore styles that were not "Touch Friendly", therefore, going natural has not changed "My Man's" ability to run his fingers.  With going natural, I am more Rain/Swim Friendly (smile).

Back to the Review.   Watching those stylist put all that perm in the hair and the "Children's hair" did almost make me sick on the stomach.  I know that Straight hair at any cost was almost a necessity many years ago and even today as we see the Video Vixens, Celebrities and The Round the Way Girl sporting hair extensions and weaves with these cascading straight tresses.

It was very enlightening learning about the "Indian" Human Hair and I would assume all the other Ethnic "Brazilian", etc would retrieve their product the same way.  Maybe I am just Naive but Where else did I think they got that hair.  Not all Dead People...LMAO.

I thought I would fall in the floor as he tried to sell the African Hair but was not amused about the responses.  The Black girl who worked in Asian Beauty Supply was just as degrading as the owner.

Well the conclusion that I came to after watching this movie is that "Black Women" and Black people have not passed down the pride on all levels.  We are one of the most heavily Influenced instead of Influential as I once thought.  I don't know if Going Natural is a Trend but if it is.... Whenever it go " Out of Style" I guess I will lose my Cool Points.

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