Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone! Here is my Wash Day Regimen

Happy New Year Everyone,

Last night I had to make it an impromptu Wash Day.  For some reason my hair had the itchies.  Now I am not sure if it was something I used on my hair or whether the skin irritation from my medications extended upwards in to my Scalp.  All I know is my hair and scalp feels much better today. 

I wanted to give some details as to what a Wash Day consists of for me these days ( This has been working exceptionally well for me the last few months):


1.  Spritz with Water then Pre-poo for at least 1 hr or longer.  (Using Suave Humectant /Coconut Oil/Castor Oil)
    ** At this time is when I remove shed hairs with finger combing and detangle with a wide tooth comb followed by my Denman or Vent Brush (Very Gently).  Then Twist into about 8 Twists.

2.  I rinse my hair and shampoo with a Chagrin Ayurveda Shampoo Bar or Oyin Handmade Honey Wash paying most attention to the Scalp while massaging and pull and squeeze down each twist.  Then Rinse.

3.  I then use my Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner and undo each twist and make sure that I am coating every strand, finger comb and retwist.

4.  Rinse the twists and make sure scalp is clear of all products.

5.  Deep Condition ( Use Honey Hemp Conditioner w/ Coconut Oil /Olive Oil added) or ORS Olive Replenishing Conditioner and sit under the Steamer or Heat Cap( My heat cap is not very hot at all).  Rinse with Cool Water to close hair follicle/shaft.  Use Micro Fiber Towel to remove excess Water. ($1 Store micro fiber head wrap)

6.  Add Leave- In Conditioner (Honey Hemp) and seal with Coconut oil .  Use Wide tooth Comb to make sure fully detangled and put Loose Big Twists.  ( This allows for hair to dry faster for dry styles) or Style.
  If Styling using twists... Use either or a combination of Burnt Sugar Pomade/Shea Moisture Deep Treatment/ Shea/EVCO/Aloe Gel Concoction)  Seal with Castor Oil (I have added Rosemary Oil/Peppermint to my Castor Oil).

7. Cover with Loc Soc to hold twists/style to set hair until ready to Leave the house.  In the winter I will use the loc soc under my hats as added protection and warmth.

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