Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review of 2 n 1 Ionic Hair /Facial Steamer (Same product as Huetiful Steamer)

Just a quick review of the 2 n 1 Ionic Hair/Facial Steamer.  Well I only experimented with the Hair Steamer this time around because my facial skin is irritated from Medications.

Packaging - The box has a handle and is great for Storing your Steamer
Assembly -  Absolutely Fantastically Easy.  It has about 3 parts to assemble which does not take a rocket scientist even without utilizing the instructions.  By the way, the instructions for the facial attachment is Included.
Comfort- I was able to sit at my dining room table and put the steamer on a shoe box for added height for my 5'9 1/2' frame.
Use:   I sat under the dryer and had to keep wiping my forehead due to droplets of moisture running down.  The steamer , steamed within 2-3 minutes which seemed like it slightly reduced my time under the steamer.  I did eventually for the later 7 mins use an elastic to put my hair in a puff to make sure my ends were being moisturized.  The steamer notified when it was complete (Water level had receded below heating component) and I quickly did a cool rinse.  Very easy to add water and remove the condensation in start and finish.

Review of Steamer and Hair

My hair which is never hard was very Soft and very accommodating to my Leave-In Conditioner and Sealing Oils.  My hair is never hard to detangle and was not this time.  I noticed when I was twisting for my style (Twist Out) that  my hair had a great luster and as I needed to retwist my twists were already starting to set/define.  Within 15 mins.  I used a little Oyin Whipped Pudding (Combo of Butters, Aloe & other goodies) and bit of Burnt Sugar Pomade on each twisted section while twisting and smoothing.  Sealed entire twist with a bit of my Concoction.

In the morning, I put a little coconut oil on my hands and ran it through my twists and put a bit of castor oil on my hairline and ends of twists and unraveled the twists for a twist out.  I was able to separate each unraveled twist further with almost no frizz.  I usually only wear a twistout right before my Wash day when my twists have been in for almost 2 weeks but these twists had set overnight.  I was very pleased.

All in all I am very happy with the Function of my Steamer and the Ease of Assembly and Use.  I am exceptionally pleased with how it allowed my hair to absorb the butters and oils easily and saw the results almost instantaneously.  I have to continue this in my regimen using it for my deep conditioning at least twice a month.  I want to see the long term effects of a consistent regimen and  consistent same product use benefits my hair. 

I will report back by the Beginning of April 2011 on my 3 month length and condition check.   I will be getting a professional trim by the end of this month which is also my 2 year Nappiversary.  It has been a pretty easy  and exhilarating journey for me but establishing Staple Products and Consistent Regimen has been the challenge.

I dont know why these pics are not rotated as they are saved on my file.  I didn't take pics of the entire process.  I will for the next one or maybe a Video.  Have a great Hump Day!

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