Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gee My Hair Feels Great! Just a Mid Week Update!

Just wanted to post about the way I was "Feeling" my hair today!

This Morning I got up, removed my scarf, plopped a dollop of Oyin Hair Dew and some One 'n Only Argan Hair treatment on my hair and retwisted a few that wanted to untwist in the back of my head and Viola!

While retwisting a few of my twists I noticed the texture and just the softness yet smoothness in the strands.  I did not have a lot of definition  but as I twisted, I could feel the plumpness of the twist and how wonderful the ends of my hair felt.  No more straggley ends.....   Although I still have those areas of damage due to the over processing color  where the hair is more wavy than curly, the overall condition of my hair feels good.(this week-Wink).  I think the combination of the Gnatural and the DE Daily Moisturizing Lotion  is a new Staple for doing and maintaining my twists.

I am enjoying the medium size twists although to some, they may seem small... but they are much bigger than the normal small ones I usually  create.  I am not feeling scalpy  but feeling full of hair.   Someone even asked me was I locking last night.  I guess that is how plump there were or the natual (caesar) sista was just trying to make conversation to have me buy some raffle tickets from her.

My edges seem to really be prospering as well .  I find loose hair around the edges tend to break more for me.  Should be an interesting winter with my protective styles and products.  These twists feel almost plump enough for a nice  pin updo.

Have a great evening!