Monday, November 7, 2011

11/3/11 - Did I really Wear a Hat to Work?

Well Good Afternoon,
As you can see I could not take those marley twists one more day and opted to remove and have a quick wash day.  I started taking out the twists about 730pm and finished in time to watch American Horror Story at 10pm EST.  Of course that was too late on a work day to really incorporate a major wash and style so I decided to just pre-poo .  I used a combination of 100% coconut oil and Yes to Tomatoes( looked at the bottle after applying and noticed an expired product date).  I covered my hair with a plastic cap and then my scarf and went to bed about 11pm.

In the morning, before work, I detangled each section and retwisted then shampooed my hair.   I used my  Giovanni 50:50 hydrating shampoo and then followed with the ORS Aloe shampoo.  I then tried my Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner and then my Giovanni Direct Leave In.  

My initial Impression:

Giovanni 50:50 Hydrating clairfiying Shampoo - I loved the smell and how clean my hair felt.  That is all.. for a shampoo.
Giovanni Smooth as Silk - It was just Okay... didnt really feel one way or the other about it.  Did not offer all the slip that I expected like my Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion so I wind up applying some Aussie 3 minute miracle to my hair for the slip and to detangle with all loose hair.
Giovanni Direct Leave-In - I was not impressed with this leave in from a first impression standpoint.  For all the stories that I had heard about it.  I will use and see what continued use yields.

When I finished washing and conditioning my hair I applied the leave in with a bit of grapeseed oil and detangled once again with the tangle tamer to make sure that I covered every strand.  I then proceeded to two strand twist in medium twists to later have a twist out once dried.  I applied a dime amount of Whipped Gelly by Hairveda and a dime amount of my GNatural Hair Conditioner to each section before I twisted.

Of course my hair never dried before leaving the house so I was forced to put on the crocheted tam to wear to work.  Luckily I was wearing jeans and a button up (casually) and the hat worked out okay.  My hair then dried while at work with some of the shiniest twists.  The hold was very mild because of the products used when twisting but my hair was very shiny and very moisturized.  I loved the way my hair felt.

I will update this post with Pictures of the twist out because I will not be wearing my hat to bowl but will twist my hair out to see the results.  I am still going to get my trim this week and have been thinking about possible styles


  1. cute hat. You could have rocked your wet twists without the hat..oh well. I can't wait to see the twist out

  2. I love this look . . . hat and all. It's cute.