Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year... The Protective Styling Continues!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes I feel blessed to see another Year....Welcome 2012..
I am still doing my protective style challenge and plan on continuing until the end of April or May.   The end of January I will be 3 Years fully Natural and boy have I learned alot about my hair.

Just a Few things I've Learned about My hair!

1.  My hair is definitely effected by the medications that I take.  The texture, growth and dryness.
2.  My hair will break like no ones business with highlights using Volume 20....That is too much.   No more will I ever try that.
3.  My edges loved to be braided and twisted and flourish when I protective style and get weathered when my hair is out.
4.  My hair needs a bit of glycerin in my ingredients to give the plumpness to my twists.
5.  My hair loves Aloe Vera Gel and Juice , Natural Essential Oils, Coconut Oil.
6.  My hair has become an accessory and I can change it up as much as I want and is adored.
7.  My hair loves water and cowashing but I have moved away from the Wash N Go.
I have more of course but this journey is definitely not over.
Pictured above is the style that I did after the New Year.  I have did not wash my hair to create this style and have been holding of on washing for at least 2 weeks at a time.   This style I did a semi twist hawk style and decided to do braid swoop bangs in the front, individual 2 strands on top and braid with twist length in the back.   I took the 2 strands and created a bit of a pomp on this day but this style can be roded to create a more whimsical style you can braided the hair up and tuck for a total updo protective style.

I am looking forwarded to growing my hair out this year and definitely listening to my hair and making sure that I am retaining length.   I donot think I did a good job at all this past year in keeping my hair healthy.   others may not have known but I surely could see the damage and rejection during my styling and grooming sessions.

I think I have really found a good hair sealer with the GNatural hair and scalp conditioner.   This stuff has my hair feeling soft and keeps the moisture in my twists.   I use it a bit like those who have experimented with the
"Grease" except this is all natural and feels more like a oil/pomade.  It is very light.  I am also using the design essentials but I think I am ready to try a Entwines Ala Mode for my Twists.   We will see if I make that purchase.   I have been trying to use the products that I have up before buying more.

Well that is all for now but you never know.   I may come back with another hairstyle this week.

 Be Blessed!


  1. I like the style and like you I am learning a lot about my hair. Happy New Year to you also!

  2. You are on it! I think I will be joining you with the protective braiding styles very soon and as always your hair looks great!

  3. Looking good - this style looks good - but more importantly, I am really glad to see you styling your hair protectively so that you can focus on health and retention. Our hair is fragile, isn't it? I look forward to see how far you will have come by May. My own challenge is over and my hair has done really well. Now I hope to concentrate on my gray area. Anyway, you keep up the good work!

  4. Love your creativity and what you are doing to your hair!!

  5. I gave you a blog award. Pls check it out here

  6. Hi Vetsnatural! I wanted to stop by here and let you know that last year you really inspired me during the protective style challenge on NP. My hair grew and is in its best state because of it. I'm doing another one this year because of the benefits. Thanks you for sharing your journey.