Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just a Quick Protective Updo - Took all of 15 mins to do

Twist and Tuck with Twisted Side Swoop Bangs

Good Morning,

I took down the braided puff last night but was too lazy to wash and restyle.   Need I say that this morning I awakened with a textured pineapple that was looking a bit unkept.   I had been watching a youtube video this morning, stalking the internet for a quick style to try.  I stumbled across a Vlogger "iknowlee" and she creates some of the cutes styles with her length of hair.  She did a style that had two twists or rolls on each half of her head up the back with a pompadour front.   Well of course I am not quite the pomp type of  woman (not yet) so I decided to try my own version.

My parts could be straighter...LOL
 Well I had a bit of a problem with trying to get the roll up the left side of my hair so I started from the front and did flat twists on each side of my head and left the front portion out.  I twisted to the back of the head and left the very back out and tucket and pinned with my two little decorative combs.

I moisturized my hair with the Oyin Handmade Hair Dew and Sealed with a bit of the GNatural hair and scalp conditioner.  I did this style on hair that had not been washed in two weeks.  So you know this style is only to be able to go to work with a decent style.
My edges are really doing well.
To my surprise the style was complimented at least twice before I could even get to work.  Wow, I may have found a quick style that is elegant enough to wear on many occasions.   Of course we all need those styles that are protective and that we can do fairly quickly for those "fail" style days for a quick conversion style.  I think I have found one.  My hair is definitely getting more dense which means that the roots and ends are not the same.  I may have to do a cut to get everything on point but at this time I am shying away and just want to continue to grow my hair out until the spring through protective styling and conditioning and healthy hair regimens.

Very Classy isn't it... for a Quick Updo

Lately I have been in to makeup as well.  Really trying to accent the eyes to go along with these styles.   Of course with the help of my Lovely Daughter this is going really well.   She is showing me different techniques and helping teach me about makeup.   I have hit the Lancome counter which is an Awesome brand.  I always thought that Lancome was for another ethnic group and expensive.   Well it definitely is Expensive but well worth the money.  I use some of their Tient Miracle (foundation), Eye anti-aging serum, Juicy Gloss as well as their Mascara... Hypnose Drama.   I love all of these.   I have been using all kinds of eyeshadows and primers from Elf, Nyx, Sephora, and of course I use a Mac Brow Pencil in "Spike" and love my lip liners by Mac.  I use all these for a natural finished look.   No Glam Diva but appropriate for day & night events.   From Work to Dinner.  I leave my real glam for my daughter to do for me for those Special Occasions.
Beautiful Style Isn't it.   So Elegant
I am not really in the Christmas Spirit this year but I will welcome my few days off and enjoy the days with Family and Friends.   I think I am definitely going in to 2012 with a lot of things on my mind.   Lets see what I can make happen.   I will try to post again before Christmas but just in case I donot.... Happy Holidays!